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Is Read/Unread feature for Activity Notification a good to have?

Just a thought come to my mind and I'm not too sure if this has been discussed before...

that's to add the Read/Unread feature for the Activity Notification.

Reason being, I believe this would help experts to organize their time to answer/reply questions. For my own experience, some time I need more time to get back to a question before I post a new comment but that activity was already read. I can't differentiate it with other activities.
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Expert Comment

Rob2017-02-20 04:41 AMID: 1972510
You want to be able to mark a notification as "unread" again?

Just so we're on the same page, there's a blue dot when the notification has just come in.  For any notifications you haven't clicked on, they have a white background.  Everything else has a grey background that you've clicked on e.g. your image above.

So unless I'm missing something the read/unread is already in effect?
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Author Comment

Ryan Chong2017-02-20 05:46 PMID: 1972757
yea, Rob. you're right.

What I mean is whether it's worth to have, in the sense to restore the state of notification from read to unread. Just similar to the feature we have in Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

Just think it's a bonus to have that.