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Expert Beta for new feature: Posts!

Hello Experts!

Feature Recap
Back in December, I wrote about how the team was working on developing a new way to share here on Experts Exchange. The quick recap is that we’re introducing Posts—a way to easily share quick tips, news, and ideas with the rest of the Experts Exchange community. Along with this new feature comes a reworked home feed, featuring greater interactivity and a more streamlined interface.

Expert Beta
We’re excited that the release of this new feature is fast approaching! We’ve been enjoying it in the office and with a few community members in early alpha builds, but we’re ready to let others in on it. We figured there was no better place to start than with some of our most engaged and passionate members: the Experts. So if you’ve earned at least 50,000 lifetime points or have Qualified Expert status, then you’ll have access to the new feed and posts feature when the beta goes live. Rest assured that if you still need access to the old feed, there’s a way you can get back to it during the beta period.

While we’re in this phase, posts and the new feed are only visible to other users in the beta. We’ll also keep all posts generated during the beta and will not wipe the data before public launch; so use the feature like you normally would. (But if you do create something you want to get rid of, no worries, you are able to delete any of your posts on your own.)

Sample Screenshots
Example of a post in the new feed
Feed and Post example
Field for writing a post - expanded when clicking in the field
Write a Post
Asking a question
Asking a question
Searching for posts
Searching for Posts
Major Features
  • Posts—easily share quick tips, news, and ideas. Includes:
  • Text formatting & embedded images
  • Link previews
  • Commenting
  • Endorsements
  • Monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Save to Knowledgebase
  • Topics (optional, but can help your post be seen)
  • Searchable

  • New Home Feed
  • Write a post or ask a question. Right from a single form at the top of the new feed.
  • See articles, videos, and posts from your followed topics or members.
  • Simplified, two-column layout.
  • In-line commenting—directly from the feed.
  • New member card, showing current level and progress to the next.
  • Customizable Workspace card. (Coming soon, and not yet included in screenshot shown above.)

Expert Beta Release Date
We’re currently on track for releasing the Expert Beta on Monday, March 13th, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what you’ll all share!

Best wishes,

Brian J. Matis
Senior Product Manager
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Expert Comment

Nicholas2017-06-29 05:25 PMID: 2028101
But seriously post after post about it, some repeats of stuff already posted is OTT - it's all over the news, its in all the newspapers, its on all the websites - sick of hearing about it.

I know the feature is new but maybe there should be restrictions in place for who can post Posts - every Tom, Dick and Harry can post links to their websites about stuff

As for other news - anything, there is barely a day goes by where there isn't something happening - see my iPhone post, it's a laugh but some may find it interesting - a fun story
Rank: Ace

Expert Comment

fanpages2017-07-03 03:41 AMID: 2028606
Yeah... We agree that the Recommended Posts could use some work. Happy to say that we're actively working on some ways for the system to get more selective with these.

It appears to be getting worse; not better!

Below is my Feed from 11:35am (UK local time) today.  Note that the first six posts are all "Recommended" or "Promoted", & these have nothing to do with the Topics I selected to be within my Feed...

2017-07-03_11-35-52 - Feed Posts - fanpages.jpg
Rank: Ace

Expert Comment

Geert G2017-07-06 12:46 AMID: 2029421
how can i switch off these posts

my selected topics are these
Oracle Database
Query Syntax
Editors IDEs
Windows OS
Windows Server 2008

how would this post match my selected topics ?
sticky promotion
how do i get rid of it ?

it doesn't even hold a button to request attention
it's just a straight link to another site

the next post will probably be a direct link to wannacry or petya or any such virus
i hope you'r insured for that
Rank: Guru

Expert Comment

Rank: Master

Expert Comment

Craig Kehler2017-07-10 11:24 AMID: 2030505
Moderators will follow up with the user. Request attention is the correct way to go, thanks Brian B
Rank: Ace

Expert Comment

Geert G2017-07-10 11:36 AMID: 2030514
the mobile version of EE is more or less useless with all those posts