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SURVEY TIME! Posts and the new home feed


We've had the Expert Beta of the new Post feature and home feed running for a little over a week now. There was some lively discussion and feedback already, for which we released an update yesterday to address the following top requests that were raised:

  • Help feed have more frequent updates
  • Desire to see questions in feed
  • Would like site to remember preference of last used feed version

To help further assess how this is going, we'd like to get a bit more formal feedback via the following short survey:


Don't go unheard! Please fill out the survey no later than Thursday, March 23rd Monday, April 3rd to help ensure we'll have your response in time for planning future updates.

Thank you!
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Expert Comment

Enabbar Ocap2017-03-31 11:54 PMID: 1984579
I don't think anyone saw my comment above about the answer page Date Submitted column showing Ages and not Dates.
Rank: Guru

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Al Jee2017-04-01 07:23 AMID: 1984603
You know, I'm getting worried that Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2nd never seems to post here.
Has anyone seen any comments by him lately?

Expert Comment

Modalot2017-04-01 07:35 AMID: 1984607
No, none. Seems to have vanished completely. Never heard of Robin.
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Expert Comment

Enabbar Ocap2017-04-01 08:25 AMID: 1984613
Woohoo I'm invisible. I can do all those things that people do when they think nobody is watching.
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dhsindy2017-04-05 03:35 PMID: 1985604
I never do surveys.  Why should I give them free information that they turn around and sell or use against me.
Rank: Savant

Expert Comment

Dave Baldwin2017-04-05 03:40 PMID: 1985606
You're so important.