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Phishing in EE?

Just want to share with the community a weird behavior from a just registered member.
I've received exactly the same private message three times, from a member that just registered at the same day the messages were sent (yesterday):
Is this also happened to anybody else?
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Merete2017-08-08 07:36 PMID: 2047781
Is there anything listed in our terms of use?
 I was really surprised to get a message about buying an Adobe product and that she would be very happy to get in contact with me . This is not phishing per se, but rather using EE members to sell a product.
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Craig Kehler2017-08-09 02:33 PMID: 2047988
Advertising, promoting or offering to sell any goods or services except in connection with a paid Vendor Membership.

In addition to that we work with Vendors to get their brand across in a positive way.

If it is unsolicited and undesired, with little personal approach it is probably spam. If it's a misguided user that has generally contributed to the site I would Report Abuse and give the Moderators a chance to educate. The main focus of this change was to stop the Jenny Ramison's.
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dhsindy2017-08-09 04:29 PMID: 2048008
I thought phishing was baiting you for information.  I guess we have to allow ads else we got to pay the bills.
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Merete2017-08-09 05:23 PMID: 2048019
Too many eggs in one basket for my liking, as soon as Advertising has been added there goes the quality,
Sick to death of adds and promotions.
Take Google do a little search for something unique and then you'll see those exact adds on every page you visit.
Your Facebook, twitter etc. The world has gone mad with adds and promotions no matter how they dress it,  but the more serious note is the risk it puts us in with the connection of our ip addresses locations and email addresses unless we all take serious steps to hide that information. Basically the internet has become a global franchise and it will eventually crash or be crashed by some hacker. The domino effect.
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Sjef Bosman2017-08-10 01:01 AMID: 2048068
Adblockers do a good job, but their developers may be tempted to accept the big money. Luckily, there are a lot.

I'm not so afraid for us experts, it's more the less-informed people who think they can sleep quietly because they live in Small Town, they know all the folks 'round 'em and they leave the backdoor open.

Maybe we have to create one big VPN, with paid IP-addresses, protected but not overly, where everybody signs a contract that any breach of confidentiality deserves captial punishment: the Walhalla network. Safe surfing, no junk, no porn, no police... and maybe no fun.
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Merete2017-08-10 01:54 AMID: 2048085
Agree Sjef, adding EE have now coded / endorsed the ask a question anonymously  what's next the cone of secrecy ie silence.

cone of silence