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Live - Feature Request

So I just had my first successful experience with Live.  I ended up using skype for voice communications and screen sharing as it was more of an effective use of our time.  The user bought an hour with me, and I ended up spending 2 as I didn't realize the timer had run out when we got stuck in problem solving.  It was the user's first time with live as well and with the 2 of us trying to figure it out I didn't want to ask her to buy another hour and have to wait for the timer to tick down to end everything.

To that end there are a few suggestions that I could make:

1)  If the timer is paused for more than five minutes, pop up an alert to remind the expert the timer should be started.

2)  Also popup a timer if the expert is no longer getting paid (EG: Paid time ran out).

^^ And by popup I mean bring the browser into focus or play a repeated sound (mutable)  or something along those lines.

3)  Allow the timer to be edited.  If the billable time is more than the "running time" and the client agrees that said time was helpful overall - that should be the final time.  Currently the only way to do this is to dead air it after the fact.

Again as the expert I take full responsibility for not keeping track of the timer in both cases and the client wasn't trying to "get over" on me.  Just some help from EE on the interface side to ensure we're notified when we're not getting paid and a gentle (read: push) reminder would be helpful.
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HainKurt2017-05-01 11:48 PMID: 2002756
the tool here is not enough...

we need a tool like skype or teamviewer...

I started 5 LV end ended up 0 paid :) users are trying to abuse 5min free time to get a quick answer and then run away ha ha...
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Good suggestions Kyle!

Also interestingly most of the users are not aware that the Live is paid job so I ask them very first question whether they are aware of this or not and most of them reply in No. :)
And if the know that it's a paid job, they are desperate to get the issue resolved within the free minutes allowed.

I have successfully complete several Live projects, but in the last one I had very bad experience where user left a negative feedback within the free time limit.

I also suggest, they shouldn't be allowed to leave any feedback unless they buy the time after free minutes are exhausted.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2017-05-02 05:07 AMID: 2002857
<<we need a tool like skype or teamviewer...>>

 This was actually suggested quite a few years back, but at the time EE didn't want the liability.   The concern was that once an Expert put their hands directly on something, it moved into a different legal realm and they became responsible for the consequences. Maybe the thinking will be different now that it is a paid service, but that is something EE would need to consider I think.

  Back then, it also moved very close to what many here offered to their clients, and they would have been doing it for free, so their were issues there.

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Kyle Abrahams2017-05-02 07:25 AMID: 2002878
The thing with Skype is that you can't even control, it's just remote only.  So we were talking and I was having the client do the updates.  @neeraj I feel you, I get requests all the time (even when I'm scheduled not to be on).  This was my first paid one.  But my advice would be to not complete the work in the free 5 minutes.  That's for discussion about the problem, not the solving of the problem itself.

You can always request attention on negative reviews.  Just expressing some of my experiences / frustrations to make the site better.

Also it would be nice to have a "start live portion now".   Conversations are can be had outside of live (EG: over direct messaging) about the problem so by the time you're ready for live the only thing left is to go live.  Have a button in the expert view that proposes go live and then prompt the payment side on the client's end.
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Thanks. I forgot about the request attention. I just raised it and hope not to see that negative feedback on my profile page anymore.
I really appreciate your help in this regard.