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"Suggested Solutions" are way out

Take for example this question: Sample Question
which reads:

and these suggested solutions:

None of these suggestions carry just the tiniest correlation to the question other than Microsoft Access. In fact, an as what I think they are, the label should be:

Random Solutions

So what is the intention with this box, please?

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skullnobrains2017-05-21 10:15 PMID: 2008272
it does not produce great results in this case :
trying to google this thread's topic with a filter on the ee site :


[SOLUTION] Outlook Calendar and Out of office - Experts Exchange

Best way in outlook to inform people of planned PTO?

Exchange 2010 - how to use the same Out Of Office message for ...

Best Way to Block Out of Office Replies When Sending Mass Emails

Best way to push out exe files to workstations - Experts Exchange

no way to print correctly a wide email in Outlook 2010, right part missing

Outlook 2010 Automatic Replies Turns Off When Outlook Closed


not a great resultset
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Gustav Brock2017-05-21 10:58 PMID: 2008274
I tried searching with Bing (my favourite search engine) using the original subject:


How do I extract data from outlook .pst file
Extracting data from Outlook and populate a
I need to extract the data that comes in an
I'm looking for a tool to extract the data from an
Extracting data from Outlook Email Boxes to
Export outlook task to Excel - Experts
Extract data from emails and add to csv

Interestingly, all of these seem more or less relevant.

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Andrew Leniart2017-05-22 07:11 AMID: 2008394
The suggested solutions have been laughably bad for as long as I can remember.  The E-E community has repeatedly encouraged the E-E developers to abandon their home-built search and get Google site search instead.  But this obvious and easy solution has never made it into the product.
I have to second this. I'm finding the EE search feature to be next to totally useless whenever I try and use it to find anything in this forum. It constantly gives results that are totally unrelated to my search.

On the flip side, if I open up a google search page and just use; <search term> site:experts-exchange.com I almost always get the result I'm looking for in the first half a dozen hits.

Just did a quick test to illustrate this and see if things have improved. Nope. Do a simple search for "OCR a pdf to Excel" using Experts Exchange Search and you get;
  • Printing a PDF in Nuance Power PDF Advanced in a larger font
  • Tweaks to an Excel Macro - Currently finds and replaces characters in a string and prints to .pdf
  • How to create custom scanning profiles in PaperPort - Part 2 (Video)
The first three hits are totally unrelated and nothing to do with what I'm searching for.

Google on the other hand gives;
  • PDF Converter to Excel - Experts Exchange
  • What is the best software to convert a PDF to Excel? - Experts Exchange
  • recommended pdf to word, pdf to excel convertor - Experts Exchange
All relevant hits. It's somewhat embarrassing to suggest using this site and then have to tell folks to avoid its own search function to find things and use google instead. One would expect a sites own search engine to provide a much better performance than something like google.
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Craig Kehler2017-05-23 04:51 PMID: 2008845
Suggested solutions have been made aware of their clippy like failure and will soon depart the question page. :)
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AndyAinscow2017-05-23 10:56 PMID: 2008923
How about eg. Garfield or Dilbert cartoons in its place.  (I really enjoy the management antics at Dilberts place of employment).
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skullnobrains2017-05-23 10:56 PMID: 2008924
@gustav : try this thread's subject in outlook. results are even worse than google's ( not my favorite... anything ). it is quite easy to be pertinent with one of the most frequent and easy to describe subjects.

but indeed search engines do a better job at indexing than whatever ee uses ( likely mysql full text search ).

the main difference might be focusing on keywords and titles combined with ability to handle words that are "close" or "in the same sentence" possibly combined with a little help from the knowledge of english grammar so some "groups of words" can be more pertinent that others. and probably a little IA these days.