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This piqued my interest

Thought maybe I could learn something I didn't know

How wrong was I - this is the most basic HTML lesson

Why is it even marketed as HTML5. Flew through most of the lessons and from what I garnered the only video that had anything to do with HTML5 was a quick video about the new section types (no explanation of their use included)

Pointless and misleading tutorial explaining the most basic of web design
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dhsindy2017-07-18 08:48 PMID: 2037317
@Prester John - how was the cherry pie.
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Al Jee2017-07-18 09:27 PMID: 2037321
Pretty good.
The coffee was better than I expected, too.

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Rob Jurd2017-07-18 11:18 PMID: 2037333
Thanks for the feedback @Nicholas - I'll address your concerns with them.
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Mohammed Hamada2017-07-19 03:59 AMID: 2037356
I agree. this should be directed to the publisher of the course. :)
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I will preface my remarks by saying I have registered for, but have looked at the course yet.  I think the point is not what it is titled or what the content is, but rather does it really prepare one for the cert in question.  If it does than, IMHO, the course is fine.  On the other hand, if it doesn't prepare one for the cert exam, the course should never have been offered - at least with that title.  Isn't there a QC for these courses?  I know when my course was going thru this process, there was a significant amount of back and forth, which included input from COO Gene Richardson.
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dbrunton2017-08-02 07:51 PMID: 2042619
I enjoyed that HTML5 course.

Self taught in HTML 3 and 4 and for my own personal projects that has been sufficient.

This one brought me up to speed with what is in HTML 5, but probably only from a beginners viewpoint.  There is probably quite a lot more to learn.

Excellent bite sized videos and an excellent teacher/video presenter.

Now as for some of the other free courses I have different opinions ...