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Hello. I am new to Experts Exchange and to this group. My name is Dawn. I have been covering IT tasks at my job for over 5yrs but am still very novice since I have no formal training and nearly completely learn on my own "by doing".
I mostly do device setups and troubleshooting, email administration, asset management & vendor relationship management.
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Joe Winograd2017-07-31 02:42 PMID: 2040983
Hi Dawn,
Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll find Experts Exchange to be a friendly, knowledgeable community — with "community" being a very important aspect! I want to put a +1 on Scott's comment — I learn more than I teach here at EE! :)
Regards, Joe
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Insoftservice2017-07-31 07:43 PMID: 2041046
Welcome Dawn in EE family

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Kostas Kostas2017-07-31 10:57 PMID: 2041094
Welocme Dawn,

I believe that you will find very useful the community
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2017-08-01 04:31 AMID: 2041208
Welcome Dawn....always nice to see someone new join the community that's willing to learn and share.  That's what EE is all about and making life maybe just a bit easier for everyone.


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Rob Jurd2017-08-05 06:35 AMID: 2045031
Good to have you on board Dawn :)

Feel free to reach out any time you need by posting discussions, asking questions or contacting a moderator (such as myself)

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John2017-08-10 07:04 PMID: 2048311
Hello Dawn,

I recognized the name and then realized I have participated in some of your posts. It is good to have you here along with the other people who have come recently.

Most of the people who responded here are people who have helped me along the way.

One person here I have actually met at EE headquarters, and (one never knows) may again at the next MVP Global Summit.

Best wishes to you.