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I recently had a couple of questions from the same author where I had provided answers but the author did not respond and the question was flagged as abandoned. I did a Request Attention on a profile because none of their questions had ever been closed. All were abandoned or forced accept.

The advice I received was that there is no need to address the issue with the author directly since they will receive notices, abandoned questions are handled automatically, and eventually Experts will stop responding to serial abandoners.

So my question for discussion: Is this true? Do you as an expert look at the author before you provide an answer? Second, are there enough new experts gunning for points that a few people ignoring posts would have any effect?
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It's interesting you mention points because I believe that Microsoft and VMware forums use points and probably others but I'm not sure what they get for points, other than a change of Avatar or emoji

I don't think they get any gifts, SWAG etc like a T-Shirt like EE gives out!
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Eric AKA Netminder2017-08-17 10:09 PMID: 2050212
Mr Dettman:

Depends on how far in the past you go....
Is https://www.experts-exchange.com/discussions/36246/In-case-there's-a-bored-moderator-grin.html far enough?

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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2017-08-18 03:33 AMID: 2050227
I think the point may have been missed; it's not that we haven't had problems with abandonment forever, it's that points are now meaningless..   As a result, it's difficult to hold anyone to anything.

 When we went to unlimited points, it lowered the quality of the site as a whole, and took away something that gave us leverage to work on  other problems.

 It's either carrot or stick for motivation, and from my viewpoint, carrot works better.    But what do we have to offer?  More content?  Better content?  Ability to ask more questions?      In short, not much.    Limiting points gave us something to work with.  

 All I'm saying is that I think we are going in the wrong direction, not that the past was perfect.

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Philip Elder2017-08-18 08:42 AMID: 2050263
I'm conscious of the folk's names when checking out questions.

I don't care for the anonymous questioner thing. Folks can make up a name, like many do, instead of remaining anonymous. Not sure what that is about? I tend to avoid them unless they are specific questions that clue me in on the expertise of the OP.

And that's the key for me: I evaluate the Q based on topic area, how it was asked, language, and grammar to gain some perspective on the OP and their expectations. It's my own risk versus reward scale as my time is quite valuable.
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I do notice after I've been burned by a lot of never closed, never responded to questions by a particular user, but I feel like there should be some sort of indicator on a person;s track record, to try to motivate them to participate and close questions
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Brian B2017-08-21 06:28 AMID: 2050825
...a brief one line initial response can test the water to see if the asker is going to respond promptly.

I sometimes have to do this because there isn't enough information in the question to provide an answer (and I am a clarifier by nature). A lot of the time when I do that, some new member comes along next, pastes an irrelevant link along with "I hope this helps" and gets the points. Meaning they were either A) lucky to correctly guess the missing info, or 2) the Author didn't really read the solution.