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Rewards - something other than T-shirts?

I like the shirts, but I now have 5 (2 recent and 3 from way back when EE was ee and there were master, wizard, and guru shirts). Can EE recognize that experts are giving away a lot of hours and a lot of knowledge - many, like me, bill for their time outside this forum so effort here has real value.

So instead of giving us yet another shirt every 50,000 points, EE could offer us mouse pads, pens, coffee mugs, baseball caps, water bottles, etc.? Perhaps even allow us to bank rewards points for higher value rewards? e.g., flash drives, backpacks, jackets, hoodies?

I love being here and I'll continue to offer help where I can, but sometimes I feel undervalued by site management when all I get for the effort is another shirt.
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Craig Kehler2017-08-22 06:23 PMID: 2051348
First of all I want to thank everyone who is providing professional constructive feedback in this thread. We definitely agree that this is a long standing need for improvement. This is something that Gene and I have discussed in detail as we evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the site in recent years. We have built features like Live, Gigs and Courses to offer ways for Experts to get monetary rewards for their expertise. The Q&A points system with it's 21 years of history is much more intricate. While the larger project will take some time to complete, as Gene has stated, we are looking into near term solutions to address the concern. As these are in the early stages please understand they are subject to adjustment.

  • Better visibility into and options for charitable rewards
  • Non T-shirt redemption options
  • Bringing back some old designs in lighter colors

We have spoken to many Experts over the years who appreciate the effort that goes into maintaining a site that allows them to share their expertise, keep their skills sharp and learn from other Experts around the world. Thank you as you are the life blood behind the mission of this community to inspire learning and influence the future of technology.

I will continue to work on this and will keep the community updated.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2017-08-23 04:26 AMID: 2051449

and meantime EE made $3000 Million :)

 I don't mean to side track this, but frankly, it aggravates me to no end every time a Expert makes a statement like this.  No one is holding a gun to your head.  If you really resent  EE making money off your efforts, ask yourself why your here, and if the answer is not a good one, then walk away.   And if you think it is all so easy, then start your own Q&A site..

And lets be fair; many are here to make a name for themselves, so  it's not a one-way street either.

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Colleen Kayter2017-08-23 10:00 AMID: 2051567
I agree, Jim Dettman. I'm here because I love to teach but don't do it professionally any more. And sometimes, I learn something new, too. I'll do research for solutions to questions that aren't getting any attention from other experts.

Case in point, I tracked down a registry hack to enable using EPS files in MS Office. The filter is included in Office but for some reason, Microsoft didn't flip the switch. I not only helped someone, I hacked my own computer to add this functionality.

I rediscovered EE in 2012 after having been away for several years (geek burnout). I was very impressed with how the site has grown up, impressed by the experts participating, and occasionally feeling a little outclassed.

I started this thread unaware that any thought had been given to the rewards issue, not really complaining but hoping that EE might actually make the phrase found on the Rewards page, "branded Experts Exchange gear," a reality beyond casual apparel. I did not intend to fuel any expert's dissatisfaction. I appreciate Craig and Gene weighing in. Awareness is the first step to making changes.
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noci2017-08-28 02:15 AMID: 2053269
There has been a period when X t-shirts could be swapped for other gear, like laptop-backpacks. etc.
I liked the idea, and it would be nice to see it return.

My stack of t-shirts will last me a few years to come still.
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Craig Kehler2017-08-31 02:06 PMID: 2054324
We are still looking into near term solutions to address the concern. If you would like to donate to those affected by Hurricane Harvey please see https://www.experts-exchange.com/posts/2756/The-devastation-of-Hurricane-Harvey-is-heavily-impacting-our.html
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