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Tek experts

So, I was just eating lunch with one of my friends here in Bulgaria and he was staring at my EE tshirt. Turns out, the company he works for (HPE, now MicroFocus) is outsourcing a lot of stuff to this new company, called Tek Experts, which incidentally uses a logo very close to EE's.

Here's the first logo that pops up on google, and the site: https://www.tek-experts.com/

Thought you guys might want to know about it. Or maybe I missed some news about EE branching in that area? :)
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serialband2017-10-09 06:34 PMID: 2064110
Elmer was shooting blanks or salt shots.

The only time I recall Elmer bagging the rabbit was with his "SPEAR and MAGIC HELMET!!!" No guns there.  "Well, what did you expect from an Opera?  A Happy Ending?"
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Jim Horn2017-10-09 07:58 PMID: 2064115
^^^ The above comment reminded me of one of my more infamous Lounge threads:  Opera vs. TeleTubbies.
Too bad the Lounge doesn't exist anymore, or I'd re-post it here.
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>>Too bad the Lounge doesn't exist anymore

Did you slip into some parallel dimension?

It exists (but is recently private):
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Jim Horn2017-10-16 07:40 AMID: 2065245
Wasn't anywhere near the same, and I left that group last year.    The other unofficial Lounge on another popular bulletin board site had its moments but also wasn't the same.

The old Lounge rocked.  Then management effing killed it.

As an interesting quirk EE just interviewed me for an article, and seemed very keen on getting my opinion on EE and community.  The only part of of the interview that didn't make the cut was my opinion that EE has made many missteps in regards to Community by killing the very popular non-technical points for zones such as Lounge, Religion, Puzzles and Riddles, and whatever else existed.  Having them in groups is not the same.

Just like Celine Dion, It's all coming back to me now...
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Al Jee2017-10-16 12:41 PMID: 2065324
I can't believe I would ever agree with an entire post by Jim Horn [ ;-) ], but here I am saying:

Jim, you have clearly stated the exact problem all of us old members faced and is a prime reason why I almost never participate in the tech questions at EE any more.

The "new lounge" has none of the flavor or character of The Lounge [read: The Original Lounge  ].
The earned points from all of the non-technical zones were needlessly erased by some tunnel-visioned badger who <statement removed by dbrunton>.
What has happened to EE is comparable to the Taliban destroying the Buddhas of Bamiyan, with the same results; nothing left but rubble.
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dbrunton2017-10-20 03:35 AMID: 2065986

Got to Prester John's comment just-in-time.