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10/12: Live Feature Updates

Hi everyone,

We wanted to share a few updates we’ve made to Live and let you know what’s coming soon.

Recent Updates

Increased Visibility of Consultants
Consultants that earn points can now be seen around the site by Premium and basic members, as well as logged out users.

Updated Conversation Summary
After you complete a Live session, you will now see an updated conversation summary. Sessions that earn points can now view the total duration of communication versus just the session time for each interaction. This will make it easier for consultants to see the time they were compensated for, when they earn points. Payment and earnings information will also be more prominent for both clients and consultants.

Moderator Review
For sessions where points are earned, moderators will be able to review transcripts, modify topics, and adjust points earned if needed.

Here’s a glimpse into what’s coming.

Improved “Handshake” Process
Additional improvements will be made to the “handshake” process that occurs in Live for points. Once this is completed, the Live for points handshake will be coming to paid sessions. The improved handshake allows for more flexibility for clients and consultants to decide when they are ready to start the session, and includes stronger messaging and guidance for clients.

Question Author Live Requests
Question authors will soon be able to easily request, schedule, or invite experts who respond to their question into a Live session. Because these experts are familiar with the author’s question and issue, transitioning to a Live session will be easy for both the client and consultant.

Experts can always opt out of receiving Live requests at any time from their profile.

Detailed Summaries and Ratings
Further edits are coming to make the summary even easier to read, including showing avatar images, visible for the client and consultant. The Live review interface will also be updated to make the review process more prominent and clear.

Hybrid Points/Cash State
In the coming months, experts will have more flexibility and be able to transition between accepting Live requests for points or cash.

We are still in beta for the Live for points feature. If you want to opt in, join here. For anyone that has used our new consultant opt-in flow or Live for points feature, we’d love to hear any feedback you may have. Feedback can be sent to or posted in this discussion.

Thank you!

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Expert Comment

Jackie Man2017-10-12 07:03 AMID: 2064616
Please opt in the beta for the Live for points feature for my account.


Author Comment

Sina May2017-10-12 07:34 AMID: 2064625
I'll reach out soon, Jackie!