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Dark theme?

I guess I'm getting older, but the white background is starting to annoy me whenever I browse EE at nighttime. Do we have a dark theme or something similar that one can activate, and if not, any plans to provide such?
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Joe Winograd2017-10-29 01:46 PMID: 2067688
Thanks very much, Shaun. That last one — Dark Reader — works beautifully! Haven't found any page yet that is difficult to read with it. Also, it has some very nice controls on it that I'm sure will help configure it with various sites:

dark reader settings
And, to give credit where credit is due, Modalot mentioned that in the very first post at this thread (#c2067677), albeit without a link. A big thanks to both of you! Regards, Joe
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John2017-10-29 02:09 PMID: 2067690
I am not supposed to post in here, but a dark theme would need to be optional as some of us find black themes intolerable. So any change needs to be optional . Thank you.

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ModeIT2017-10-29 10:32 PMID: 2067736

No worries, as long as it's constructive in nature :)

Also my take on themes have always been to be optional when you have a couple.

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Vitor Montalvão2017-10-30 12:42 AMID: 2067749
People like different stuffs so I don't think EE should change just because somebody asked to.
I guess the best option is to be configurable.
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McKnife2017-10-30 03:44 AMID: 2067767
By the way, some OS' offer a night mode that should please your eyes when the surrounding light is low. For example windows 10. Open the start menu and type "night" - it will lead you to "night light" which can even be setup to follow your regional sunset times.
Note: this is not a "dark theme" but rather filters out the blue light in light colors so that they don't shine so impressively but rather look warm and pleasant when it's dark.
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serialband2017-10-30 08:26 PMID: 2068063
Both Windows and Macs have a night mode/shift version that turns off the blueness and makes it easier on the eyes. I've done that with both Mac and Windows but am not sure of the benefit.

System Preferences --> Display --> Night Shift.

Windows has a Night Mode.

I prefer to just invert the screen color.

Macs have always had the control option command 8 to invert colors, until they disabled that by default in Mountain Lion (10.7), because too many people hit that by mistake often enough and not know what they did.  You can always go enable it in again System Preferences --> Keyboard --> Shortcuts --> Accessibility.  I use it frequently.

In Windows 7 and 8, open Magnifier.  Click on the Gear(settings)  Check the box to invert colors.  It should work in Windows 10 also, but I haven't tried.