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Feed not working correctly

I am having issues with the New Feed settings.

I have MS Excel as a Topic but I don't see all the questions like I do when I go to the Topic page.

For example today:

I see this question in my feed, I have commented on it but I saw it in the feed before the comment.
Heirarchy In Excel

I don't see this question in my feed.
excel protect column ifstatements

They both have MS Excel and MS Office as topics and I follow both yet the second question does not show in my feed.

Any suggestions???
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Expert Comment

Brian B2017-11-02 06:34 AMID: 2068551
If I click on the Excel topic, I see both of the questions you mention.

Theory: The second one is low priority. Could that be part of the problem? Do you see "Excel: Find the first instance of a value in column C while searching on column B"? That's the next low priority question in my list that isn't closed.

File it as a bug report, I guess: https://www.experts-exchange.com/Expert_Testing/1063/Share-your-feedback-or-report-a-bug-on-Experts-Exchange.html
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Author Comment

Rob Henson2017-11-02 06:45 AMID: 2068554
I see both questions in the Topic page (and the third one you mention). That isn't the issue, of those three questions I only see the first one I mentioned.

Maybe a priority thing as you say. I will raise it at as a bug, wasn't sure how to do that.


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Rob Jurd2017-11-02 06:15 PMID: 2068673