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Occasionally, you get a great response from a user that shows how thankful they are for your efforts. We want to know about them. It could be the question author or a fellow expert admiring your contribution.

Please use this thread to post a link to the comment and a quote of what the user said. I will be promoting these interactions to the membership in an effort to recognize the great work being done on site and to show new users what they gain from our member base as well as how they can effectively contribute their own expertise.

From the Experts Exchange team, thank you for all that you do!

Note: We are working on adding a testimonial function to the question and answer workflow in an upcoming project.


Craig Kehler
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Mahalo. Seems your word is the quasi-gospel here, so we will precede with that plan.


Praise Be - Brother.
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Thank you as always Andrew, consistently a pleasure learning from you :D

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John2018-09-07 04:05 PMID: 2257538
One of my EE friends here from the Toronto Area posted that he had an accounting period with more cost than revenue (happens). So he filed HST and had a AR credit of $5. His question was "How do I move the AR credit to an AP credit for when I file next?"

Messy thought I as, yes, I have done these things.

So think out of the box.  Receive the payment from CRA (even though there is none). Clear the bank charge $5 via a JE to miscellaneous account, file tax, adjust taxes for the $5 and for the adjustment account, use the miscellaneous account above.

The process is less messy and avoid HST account errors.

Author's comment to me:   Creative   (Nice for me)

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As I mentioned in a previous comment here, there are more testimonials at my Picture Manager in Office 2013 and Picture Manager in Office 2016/Office 365 articles than makes sense to post here, but one came in from a member who joined EE today (at the latter article) that I couldn't resist posting:
Wow! This are the best instructions for downloading and installing software I've ever seen! Everything described appeared exactly the same on my screen and the program was installed and is working like a dream. Thank you very much!
You get only one chance to make a good first impression, so it's nice to hear feedback like this from a new member. Regards, Joe
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John2018-09-17 07:10 PMID: 2261642
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Some more feedback...

Perfect!!!   Absolutely, perfect!    Your solution is beautiful and elegant!
Subodh - as always, you provided a most elegant solution.   Thank you for your help.

Wow... it cannot get more beautiful than this solution.
"I'm loving it!"   Every solution (for different topics in the past) has always been superb!   This one, however, is probably the most elegant AND efficient solution one could come across.
As always, Subodh's solution is exactly what I needed.   It offers a most elegant way of handling my data.   Thank you!!

Yet again, another brilliant solution that you've provided!   Thank you!
Brilliant!    That's exactly the solution I needed.   It's flexible and easy to follow.
I wish all "Experts Exchange experts" were as supportive and kind as you have been.   Again, I appreciated your assistance with this topic.

Another perfect solution!!!!
Thank you for your continued assistance... I very much appreciate it.

Wow... this is awesome.   I would say it's the 95% solution.   Fantastic start.

Yes -- your solution is brilliant and meets my requirements 100%!!!!
Thank you so very much for assisting me and providing a solution that works perfectly.

Excellent -- thank you for chiming in here.   Question had already been closed and points were previously awarded.
Your proposed solution definitely is an excellent solution.   Again, thanks!

I got a bit lost but you've cleared the dark clouds.
Thanks a bunch Neeraj

Top man and brilliant expert. Always produces the goods.