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Greetings Experts!

Occasionally, you get a great response from a user that shows how thankful they are for your efforts. We want to know about them. It could be the question author or a fellow expert admiring your contribution.

Please use this thread to post a link to the comment and a quote of what the user said. I will be promoting these interactions to the membership in an effort to recognize the great work being done on site and to show new users what they gain from our member base as well as how they can effectively contribute their own expertise.

From the Experts Exchange team, thank you for all that you do!

Note: We are working on adding a testimonial function to the question and answer workflow in an upcoming project.


Craig Kehler
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Joe Winograd2019-03-25 09:43 AMID: 2462085
I got a kick out of this comment after he read one of my how-to-fix-PaperPort articles (can't give a link to the comment because it came in an email):
holy moly! It worked.
Regards, Joe
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Author Comment

Craig Kehler2019-04-25 04:19 PMID: 2468137
Good news. We have a project under way to add the ability for users to provide testimonials when choosing the solution to their question. The testimonials will be incorporated into the profile page and the dashboard project currently in beta.
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Great idea....sounds like a win.

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Jackie Man2019-04-30 02:10 AMID: 2468663
Thank you for your help. Especially you Jackie Man not sure if you’re a man but you’re da man right now!!

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Jackie Man2019-05-09 12:04 PMID: 2471705
Thanks to all and especially to Jackie who provided the easiest solution that worked without having to do a lot !

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Jim Horn2019-05-10 07:06 AMID: 2471896
Received this in email a couple of days ago.  It's either a truly excellent compliment or a setup for a scam.  Haven't figured out which.

From: William Faciane <william.faciane@gmail.com>
Subject: Appreciation - Professional
Mr Horn,

I want to extend my thanks for all the insightful and thorough information you've made available, both on ExpertsExchange and your website.

I spent 10 years trying to break into the world of data; in 2016, I finally got in. While previously I had been performing ETL using Excel, VBA, and ODBC/PowerQuery, the database environment I found myself in had impressive complexity with little time or value for best-practice maturity. The information you have published has enabled my meteoric rise in skills and proficiency. I wish simply to express both my admiration for your expertise and high regard for your willingness to share it.

Thank you,

William Faciane