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Greetings Experts!

Occasionally, you get a great response from a user that shows how thankful they are for your efforts. We want to know about them. It could be the question author or a fellow expert admiring your contribution.

Please use this thread to post a link to the comment and a quote of what the user said. I will be promoting these interactions to the membership in an effort to recognize the great work being done on site and to show new users what they gain from our member base as well as how they can effectively contribute their own expertise.

From the Experts Exchange team, thank you for all that you do!

Note: We are working on adding a testimonial function to the question and answer workflow in an upcoming project.


Craig Kehler
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Hi Andrew,

You are the biggest inspiration on the EE platform.

Congrats for  MVE and Author of the year.

Ajay Chanana.

By Message!
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Andrew Leniart2018-02-02 12:04 AMID: 2103026
Do private messages count? You're the only one that's supposed to see those. Ajay might sue you for breach of privacy! lol

Edit to add: P.S.. Congrats on MVE and Author of the year :)
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Depends if you add a Disclaimer to your emails!

Everything out in the open is potentially public! Unless stated including emails. e.g. intended for recipient only...

I'm sure Ajay will not mind!

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Andrew Leniart2018-02-03 10:09 PMID: 2103847
If an asker has a sense of humor and sticks with a question, I get more motivated to help them. I particularly enjoyed the askers comments in this question;

So Obe one Kenobe you're my last hope.

that worked.  My wife is now happy, so that means I'm happy.  all is good in the world again.  thanks for your help.  May the force be with you!

LoL  :)
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Craig Kehler2018-02-15 01:04 PMID: 2112228
This one is for everyone.

I have been a member for over 10 years. The experts here have saved me a lot of time and I really appreciate their generosity to provide answers that have enhanced my professional knowledge and professional growth.
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John Hurst2018-02-15 01:18 PMID: 2112247
From here:  


Awesome John!   You're instructions will save me a lot of time.   Very much appreciated!  

Nice to get rewards from super members.