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Greetings Experts!

Occasionally, you get a great response from a user that shows how thankful they are for your efforts. We want to know about them. It could be the question author or a fellow expert admiring your contribution.

Please use this thread to post a link to the comment and a quote of what the user said. I will be promoting these interactions to the membership in an effort to recognize the great work being done on site and to show new users what they gain from our member base as well as how they can effectively contribute their own expertise.

From the Experts Exchange team, thank you for all that you do!

Note: We are working on adding a testimonial function to the question and answer workflow in an upcoming project.


Craig Kehler
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mbizup2018-05-25 02:23 AMID: 2175162
The OP has some nice words for Gustav Brock in this thread.

Thanks you so much for the quick response - this is exactly what I needed - amazing !
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Scott Fell, EE MVE2018-05-26 07:14 AMID: 2175961
This made my weekend.

 When I see your detailed answers and kind replies I feel grateful.  Thanks, Scott!

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Andrew Leniart2018-06-01 12:46 AMID: 2180469
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Bill Prew2018-06-08 04:29 AMID: 2188020
You are a legend  and many many thanks for your patience.

You are a credit to experts exchange and deserve all the points possible.

Cannot work out how to add to a .VBS script.
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Your tutorials are excellent - very clear and concise. I also like that you go into detail about why something needs to be done rather than glossing over the fine bits. I'd give them five thumbs up (if I didn't have only two thumbs)!