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Just an observation that I am wondering whether anybody else is seeing.

I am in the UK and most mornings my first point of call on the internet is EE. Check out what's happened overnight, see what I have missed from the other side of the pond with them being 5-8 hours behind.

More often than not, my feed is littered with Posts containing advertising and I have made several reports to Moderators.

For example, this morning, feed contains (in order from top to bottom) a question from one of my topics, official advert post, non-official advert post, another non-official advert post, a post that should have been a question, another question; I have now scrolled down to at least the third screen's worth of entries and I am now getting to see the questions from my topics; assuming they have featured in my feed as I don't always see all questions from my topics (bug request already raised).
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Dale Fye2017-11-10 12:45 PMID: 2070153
I agree that posts are annoying.

You might consider creating some saved searches.  Questions and or Articles which match your search will be sent to you as emails, which I generally divert into an EE folder in Outlook.  This way, I can simply browse through the unread emails in that folder to decide which questions I want to address.

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and simply added another tab for posts.

But then they couldn't force advertisements on us.

We've been up and down about making it an option to not have posts forced on us, but the bosses at EE don't really seem to care.
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Rob Henson2017-11-16 07:44 AMID: 2071528
I don't do the Saved Search thing; I come onto the website and have a look through the questions to see if I can pitch in. I already get enough emails for those where I have pitched in or neglected questions which need extra help. I don't need even more emails for every single question that quotes Excel, Word  or MS Office as a Topic.

To be honest I tend to delete the emails and then use the notification button on the website to update on progress or queries on questions.
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Dustin Saunders2017-11-16 08:08 AMID: 2071537
Considering Experts who take time to write articles and post answers are the Product rather than the Customer, it would be nice if answering x number of questions in a period filtered out the advertisement posts.  

Then your Experts have more visibility to questions that need to be answered to bring more askers who then view the ads to generate your revenue.
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Rob Henson2017-11-16 08:27 AMID: 2071543
Maybe that could have been implemented through the different view versions that used to be available.

Don't recall what they were, but recall one being Expert view; maybe there could be a further 'no-ads Expert' view available as suggested at certain points brackets within a period.

These posts containing ads wouldn't be filtered out though as they are not ads as such; they are posts that are being used to get round the cost of advertising.
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Craig Kehler2017-11-20 05:01 PMID: 2072765
I have been monitoring this discussion and others like it and we are making some changes to improve the Expert experience.

In tomorrow's release you will see a significant increase in question visibility in the feeds.

Next we will be addressing how Posts are being recommended in the home feed. It appears it was too aggressive.

These posts containing ads wouldn't be filtered out though as they are not ads as such; they are posts that are being used to get round the cost of advertising.
True. And we have added the ability to hide all posts by a member in case someone is posting in your topic that you aren't interested in hearing from. It's under the ellipses menu on a post. There is also the ability to mark it as spam.