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What can be done to go back to EE of 2000-2010?

I am starting this discussion from https://www.experts-exchange.com/discussions/219807/Abanded-questions-are-an-increasing-problem.html#c2075453
What can we do to make EE better?
There should be a way we can go back. Even without Gigs and EE Live we were outstanding.
Team work makes the dream work. :))
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Eric AKA Netminder2017-11-29 08:24 PMID: 2076082
You could ask a question for a minimum of 20 or 25 points in most TAs and a max of 500 points.
It was originally 300. But the decision to offer unlimited points is what set the "value" of questions (and with it, the value of the Experts' expertise).

But the boat sank; get over it.
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MAS2017-11-30 02:14 AMID: 2076125
Craig Kehler
Thanks for your comment and my pleasure. I learned a lot from EE and I contributed to EE even if I get that info from Google. Now a days all my questions are self answered. I just post a question and wait for EE experts to reply meanwhile I will continue Googling or read the relevant article for more info.
Is there a way we can control the question alert based on priority and user. Example new/paid user with priority high should be alerted and answered by a high rank expert?
Or do you guys think it will not help?
And you know there are experts who posts wrong comments.
We lost our teamwork I think as new experts doesn't have the taste of team work.
We lost many real experts(MVPs) who were active in EE. It doesnt mean other experts are not real experts.
I think these are some of the reasons why we feel we are going down.
Stop a forum/group is very easy and can be done in a few days but to build up it will take ages. So we should not allow that to happen.
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Geert G2017-11-30 04:10 AMID: 2076138
Rating askers ...

I remember Ciuly on the Delphi topic.  His account is only a number now.  
He got banned because he was blacklisting askers after they didn't rate his answers with an A.
a C without comments caused an immediate blacklisting of an asker. this was automated with greasemonkey.
And an automated comment was added too.
EE didn't like that as blacklisting the incoming money was somewhat of a pain.

And what happens with askers who are incapable of comprehending ?
Some people are not ment to work with computers and shouldn't be asking questions about it, as they will never understand.
The best comparison to that was a comedy show, where the it support guy asks grandpa when their grandchildren come to visit,
so he could explain to the 8-year old how to fix the i-pad.
You can't blame these people for trying, but some just lack the basics of working with computers.
Rating will definitely not feel like something positive for those askers.
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The best comparison to that was a comedy show, where the it support guy asks grandpa when their grandchildren come to visit,
so he could explain to the 8-year old how to fix the i-pad.

Reminds me of the comedy skit "Internet Helpdesk" by "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggy" (- a technology comedy troup).

We got a real 12:00 flasher here..  Time to go to plan B:

Sir, do you have a child in the house?  You do, how old is she?  Nine?  Okay, could you put her on?  ...

 Well hello there, what's your name?  Beth?  Well hello beth what grade are you in at school?  Four hey, good for you! ...

  So, hey Beth, your daddy really needs to get his outlook express settings to be using 3rd party Dialer, instead of LAN or whatever they might be set--?Yeah!  Could tou configure tha--? Thanks!

And as long as you're in there could you take a look at his SMTP settings?  I think they might be pooched.

  Alright thanks Beth.

  And hey, next time daddy says his computer isn't working, you should tell him it's broken, and that he should give it to you to play with, and have him go out and buy a MAC, its a computer especially made for idio--For Mommies and Daddies.

Alright, thank you Beth.

No, no, no, I don't want to talk to him, please don't put him back on the line--

Okay, thanks Beth, bye bye.
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Geert G2017-11-30 06:07 AMID: 2076159
exactly that show ...
can we have that comedy show as a possible solution ?

might be a bit over the top, but some people might get the message ... finally
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Craig Kehler2017-12-01 01:03 PMID: 2076525
The recent shift in EE edicts seems to counter that goal.  You first have to acknowledge that every attempt at a utopian society has failed and every future attempt will also fail.

I agree with you that utopia is not achievable. Simply the difference of perception on what it entails between two individuals makes it impossible. Fahrenheit 451 was my favorite assigned reading in school. Before we get on a philosophical tangent... This aspect may be better suited for a TA/Mod discussion because I think discussions in those areas are some of the background of the concern. I like the "Be nice, until it's time to not be nice" approach, but am always willing to discuss areas where we could improve our approach.

In general I do agree that both positive and negative stimuli are necessary. However for example forcing people to close their questions before they can ask another often results in them rushing through closing the question, resulting in more problems. As experts often challenge what their motivation is for participating, question authors have the same concern for closing their questions. Many of you understand that it is so they can get better responses in the future by building trust with the experts and showing gratitude. We simply need to make them more aware. I have been sharing your feedback with the teams regarding anonymity and how you evaluate a question author's "rating", we should aid in retaining information about the users you interact with. We are building such a rating into the system for both question author's and experts. We will also be adding testimonials as part of that project and addressing question closure rates. In general this is aimed at helping paying and free members understand why it is important to close questions and show gratitude to those who are volunteering their time to help them.

Another team is working on the limitations imposed on free membership. It likely won't be exactly the old question points system, there were a lot of complaints when it was in place about how it had deficiencies. But in general I think it is in line with helping them to see their "skin in the game". Hopefully you see from the paragraph above that we aren't going to make it so you can pay and treat experts however you want, the whole system is in need of showing people what good contribution looks like and how it benefits them. Donating your time or your money doesn't make anyone exempt from responsible conduct.

We got a real 12:00 flasher here..
Love that bit, all I had to read was that part and it replayed in my head.

Recently I'm noticing more and more feedback on how we can make this platform better. Thank you, it is getting noticed by more and more people every day. It will help get projects that are important to you prioritized. Keeping focused on why it is needed and how it affects you as a user tends to get the point across best.