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Q 29066613: i search for a windows firewall subtitute

This is a general issue with EE, so maybe best if discussed elsewhere, but there is a lot of good advice and effort that gets lost when questions like this are deleted due to the author not bothering to respond.

It seems to me that it substantially reduces the value of EE (lost content), and reduces the value of posting here with solutions that then get deleted when compared to posting at other sites where the good advice / solutions / content remains available for the world to find when someone else has the same or similar issue.  It seems to be a shame that this happens to EE.

Is there some way for you to close the question without deleting it - give all the points to your comment perhaps if the system requires that?
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Shaun Vermaak2017-12-07 08:31 AMID: 2077989
Is there some way for you to close the question without deleting it - give all the points to your comment perhaps if the system requires that?
I agree with that statement
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Alan2017-12-07 11:50 AMID: 2078068
Hi Mr Wolfe,

Thanks for bringing my post over here.

My thinking is that we should not be deleting questions with good content in them just because the author has 'disappeared'.

My understanding, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that if a question is 'abandoned' and the respondents do not suggest a closure / points allocation, then either an administrator or a respondent will likely ask for it to be deleted.

If that happens, then nobody gets any points, and the question is gone forever (it might exist somewhere out of sight, but not search-able by general users either in EE or from a search engine), meaning we have lost the (hopefully) useful advice that was offered.  This is unfortunate from a loss of knowledge perspective, but also means that the respondents have wasted their time, which is quite demotivating.

My suggestion is that questions are never deleted by default, or just because someone says, 'The Author hasn't made a decision', but rather those questions that would have been deleted up to now, are closed with no points allocated, no 'best' solution identified, but still remain search-able.

There will be exceptions where the question should be deleted, such as spam questions, but I think this should be an exceptional thing, not a regular occurrence.

Thanks for listening.


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Mr. Wolfe2017-12-07 04:46 PMID: 2078147
What you are asking about is common and you may have seen Craig has addressed this.  EE is looking at options to preserve questions that do not really have an answer but do contain potentially good information.  For now, the way to preserve the discussion is summarizing the main issue and potential suggestions in an article.

On this particular instance, I don't believe the problem with finalizing a solution has to do with the Author no longer responding, it is the reason he is no longer responding.

The question is, " i would like to run silently a subtitute for windows firewall". The reason given is the other admin and this is the solution he is looking for.  Instead, there has been some discussion on why not to turn off windows firewall, but no solid alternative solution.  Because there is no solution, the question should really be deleted.  But how to keep the info?  For now, that is where the article summary comes in.

Is there an option to turn off windows firewall and do what the Author wants?  This is not my area of expertise so you will have to let me know. Is what he is asking common?  Is the answer, "You can't do that"?