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Do you guys still get answers on your questions?

I'll admit its a little flustering (and I'm not an answer giant like some of the participants here but nearing 500,000) but lately the questions I've posted (probably the last 5) have gone untouched and ended up deleted.  

Realistically, I don't post questions anymore unless they're pretty difficult and not something I could work through after hour(s) of trying to figure it out.  Most of them I've been able to resolve on my own after some frustration, and I delete the untouched questions.

Is there a point in which the questions hit a certain difficulty and other experts might not be able to help?  (That is, anyone else have that experience?)
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David L. Hansen2017-12-14 03:21 PMID: 2080920
Thanks Kyle.
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dhsindy2017-12-15 02:02 AMID: 2081080
I think the "Experts" needs to have a thick skin to deal with all questioners - especially those who think they know more than the expert.
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dhsindy2017-12-15 02:06 AMID: 2081081
Note: Your computer has just been infected by the "Sparrow Viruses"
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2017-12-15 06:06 AMID: 2081160

<<...I'm surprised people would opt for points over cash?
I believe some experts are prohibited due to their employer obligations.>>

The other issue is that many vendor recognition programs (i.e. Microsoft MVP) disallow anything that is not a contribution as consideration for the award.  With many of those programs, it's about giving back to the community.

As for Live and Gigs, from my viewpoint they have a couple of fundamental problems:

1. You need to break from what your doing to do a session.  It's not something you can schedule easily.  Either your available to take a chat or not, and if available, you need to take it when it comes.
2. One on one chat overall is very inefficient for solving problems.   It takes to long to get anything done.   It's far faster/better to pick up a phone and talk, while doing a screen share.

1. No one offers what a job is truly worth.
2. With a bidding approach to jobs, you generally don't end up attracting the best.
3. Person really doesn't know what they are getting when they go for it, so it's a risk (which is partly why some don't offer much).  If they are happy with the result, it moves into a client / vendor relationship and then Gigs is out of the picture.   If they are unhappy, then they just won't use it again.

So I would be really surprised if either is doing all that well.  

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Dustin Saunders2017-12-15 08:17 AMID: 2081294

Good points.  I still haven't participated simply due to lack of metrics and not having the time to 'test the waters' when there are other more profitable ventures to do locally.

I detest online chat, while it can be convenient (say you're chatting with Verizon about something while doing work) theres always a delay and you don't get the same feedback response as you do on the phone.  I agree with what you say, when I used to do tech support the customer explanation was more cathartic-  I didn't know what the exact problem was until I remoted in and could see it for myself.

For the record to Live participants, ScreenConnect (for those in the Connectwise/Labtech world) is free for single user sessions https://www.screenconnect.com/

Regarding Gigs-- I looked at a few offers but yes, they are far below what I would accept for most jobs and I would wager they generally end up outsourced (which is fair, I'd expect people to pay the lowest price for mean quality work and rates are generally lower over seas).  I would say though that most jobs are done by the lowest bidder, so I don't necessarily see that as detrimental.
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Scott Fell2017-12-15 08:31 AMID: 2081301
> Regarding Gigs-- I looked at a few offers

I have completed gigs in the 4 figure range and for any that were below had stipulations not to exceed a certain amount of time.  I typically do not like having to bid like this either and will not participate on other freelancer type of sites for that reason. Too many people willing to work a lot of hours for next to nothing and you don't know anything about them except price.

The difference on this site is the members I have participated in Gigs or Live with have either worked with me on EE in questions or have seen my answers and that plays a role in how this works.