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Neglected Question Alert Notifications

I like receiving these, but they clog up my notifications and I've missed responding to a user who posted a comment and I didn't notice it because I had 40 other notifications.

For experts who participate in neglected question alerts, can we get a separate icon added to the top right specifically for that queue?  I don't want to neglect a question because I missed a notification from all the other neglected questions, but I don't mind getting the feed of NQs.
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yo_bee2017-12-14 12:54 PMID: 2080836
I like that or possible add a filter option.
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Craig Kehler2017-12-14 01:09 PMID: 2080840
The recent surge in NQ alerts may be my fault. For the last few months Customer Service has been attending to neglected questions, figuring out better ways to make sure people get the help they need and gathering data on how/why questions "fall through the cracks". We were trying to be wary of alert fatigue but it seems we need to adjust. I'll look into both how we are exacerbating this and how we can present those notifications in a better way.
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Dustin Saunders2017-12-14 01:28 PMID: 2080852
That would be great, honestly it's a lot of noise and obfuscates some of what I want to see.

If you're open to feedback, a few possible ideas that could possibly help (individually or in combination):

> Separate icon/notification place for NQ alerts.
> More points for NQ response or increased bonus points for answering x in a certain time period (capping at a certain point).  i.e. bonus points per question increase by 100 to cap at 500.  Some motivation to hit multiple NQs if you have the time.
> Achievements for resolving question that fall into NQ and a yearly expert award for the 'Field Medic' who revives the most questions.
> NQ questions revived by an expert and answed back by the asker bump to medium priority (rather than an increasing point bonus).
> Some marginal point award for attempting to revive a NQ that ends up retired.  You could implement some sort of weekly/monthly cap on that award to prevent spammers.

I think your best bet on that front is extra motivation for Experts (points are your currency, it's fiat and there is no inflation).  

I'm sure there are lots of opinions on those, but ideas can't be examined if they aren't introduced.