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How do I get -OFF- of this group?

When this portion of the site was created, I was automatically signed up for it. I've tried so many times to figure out how to unsubscribe as I am 100% -NOT- interested in getting Group Discussion Digest emails but I continue to get them.

Can anyone help me get off of this "mailing list" that I never subscribed to in the first place?
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Andrew Leniart2017-12-16 08:32 AMID: 2081566
Hi mrburdick,

At the bottom of the alert emails you're receiving, there should be an "Update Subscriptions" hyperlink that will take you to the following page if clicked..


Adjust your "Groups" and any other notification preferences from there.

Hope that's helpful.

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Joe Winograd2017-12-16 08:33 AMID: 2081567
Scroll down on the left and underneath the avatars of the Top Contributors you'll see a Group Settings link. Click it and you'll get this:

leave group or change notifications
There you may change your on-site and email notifications or, if you prefer, leave the group. Regards, Joe
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Kyle Santos2017-12-18 08:08 AMID: 2082150
Hi mburdick,

Thank you for your discussion.  To stop all future discussions in this group you should click the button Leave Group.

Please let us know if those steps provided by Andrew and Joe worked or not.


Kyle Santos
Customer Relations
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Chris Luttrell2017-12-22 12:07 PMID: 2084291
He won't reply and tell you but it must have worked for him because his id is not in the group anymore!
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Kyle Santos2017-12-26 08:32 AMID: 2085088
Haha probably eh?  I just like to leave that there though just in case they ever do come back.  Due diligence and whatnot.