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Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year for 2018 - and a Big Thank You from Andy to the Askers that make EE!

Here's a Christmas Card to all of you I've answered EE questions this year....if you do not celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays!

Some familiar names, and I hope your VMware and Virtualisation issues are solved, and hope to see old names return in the New Year!

I've extracted all your "EE names" and input them into http://www.tagxedo.com/app.html

Merry Christmas and Hope to see you in the New Year

For me, just settling down with a few glasses of red wine, because this year, I've drawn the short straw, to monitor the global datacentres over the Christmas/New Year Period to ensure ALL those Services are running, and NOT in the RED, hopefully GREEN lights all over the board!

Never a dull moment, in virtualization land!

As we have just passed the Winter Solstice, may the returning sun, shine down on you all with good health and wellbeing.

All the very best

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Daydreams2017-12-24 05:42 AMID: 2084586
Merry Christmas Andy! Happy holidays and best wishes for a joyful and healthy new year to all!
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MAS2017-12-24 07:54 AMID: 2084603
Wishing all a merry Christmas and happy new year.
Lets work together (in EE) and do better in 2018.  :))
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Happy holidays to all :)
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Kyle Santos2017-12-26 08:04 AMID: 2085078
Neat!  Have a great New Year.  =)
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Craig Kehler2017-12-26 03:50 PMID: 2085314
I'm glad you are making this a tradition, these are great Andy! :)
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Author Comment

@Craig It's also interesting to see new Askers asking questions, and Existing Members asking more questions each year....

and some that drop off completely.