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Members who never close their questions

This probably has been discussed before but what can be done about members who never close their questions? I thought that there was some process where they were temporarily suspended but if there is it's not working.
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Brian B2018-02-03 08:58 AMID: 2103740
I'm sure there is a way to block an Expert. I recall stumbling across it the other day and realizing I still had them blocked.
Or I'm imagining it and it would just be a good feature to have.
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mbizup2018-02-03 09:15 AMID: 2103746
Most of the deletions I’ve seen are questions and answers that really don’t have much substance, whether it’s questions that don’t make much sense or answers that don’t really address the question.  Of course there are solid questions and answers in the mix as well, and even responses that are well written and informative without necessarily being solutions.

A possible alternative to seeing quality posts being deleted would be, within the 4-day deletion window, for the authors to copy those posts and finesse them so that they stand on their own, and repost them as articles or blog posts on EE or elsewhere.
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Andrew Leniart2018-02-03 05:48 PMID: 2103818
@John Hurst
Yes, really, I think. In my case, I just pedal faster to keep up. So an onlooker thinks I get my reward.  But in reality, because I have to pedal faster for the same result, more work goes down the toilet.

I'm not sure I understand your meaning when you say you have to "peddle faster" John? There's no rule saying you have to have the last comment in a Question, so once you've given your advice, why not just forget it and move on unless you have something valid to add? It's up to the asker to decide if what you've suggested has been helpful to them in resolving their problem.

There are times when askers ignore my requests for clarification. There are also times when askers ignore my answers altogether. This doesn't particularly worry me so long as they stay engaged in their question. Frustrating? Sure, sometimes it is, especially if I've solved their particular problem many times over the years.

Makes me work harder though? I don't see how? Prompt recognition is ideal, but it does eventually come, even with the way things are done at the moment. Recognition in the form of an 'eventual' closing by an asker, a forced closing by a CV, or yes, even a deletion if nothing was really resolved. Either way, it does "eventually" happen and doesn't cause me to do any "extra work".

This is the fundamental issue that EE is not solving.

It's a difficult balance when dealing with members and you have to try and look at it from EE's side as well. Especially so when dealing with paying members. Consider if you were paying a premium to participate here and then got belted with a "stick" because you'd forgotten to close off some questions. How happy would you be? How likely would you be to maintain your membership?

They can educate all they want. We need a stick as well.

But your idea is to go from one extreme to the other and it doesn't take a prophet to foresee the problems that would surely cause. What do you have against educating the members? I still think a much better answer would be to introduce a limit that all askers (paying members or not) are made aware of.

A limit of only being able to have a maximum of say, 10 or 15 questions open at any one given time. I would make it so that once limit A was reached, a page would present itself reminding askers that if they don't close off their existing open questions, that they will soon be restricted from asking for more help. Once limit B is reached, they would get a page with hyperlinks to their existing open question and temporarily prevented from asking for more help.

This could be easily automated so as not to overload the existing workloads of site volunteers. As long as those restrictions were made up front to everyone and before members paid for a premium membership, then everyone should still be happy. Why don't you think this would work? Why use a stick instead of a gentle swatter? I'm firm in my opinion that summarily deleting automatically would be a mistake and not achieve anything apart from p*ssing members off, askers and experts alike.

Just behave properly.

Playing a little "devils advocate" here. Define "properly" John?

Everyone's circumstances are different and participation in EE (regardless of capacity) shouldn't have to be "how to behave at EE according to the word of John"  :)

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Andrew Leniart2018-02-03 05:57 PMID: 2103819
@Brian B
Or I'm imagining it and it would just be a good feature to have.

That one. :)
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John Hurst2018-02-04 06:39 AMID: 2103934
AL:  You and I are on totally different pages 180 degrees apart.
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krakatoa2018-02-04 07:09 AMID: 2103943
Are we talking about people who *never* close their questions, or who do not regularly close them?