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Some strategic ideas for Experts Exchange

This is for EE Management to respond (if they will). Moderators and other badgers are welcome to respond with positive dialogue. I have heard "this won't work until I have gone numb"

1. The PAQ as we know is as good as dead. Windows XP and everything before it is dead. Vista and Windows 8/8.1 are mostly gone. Windows 7 and Windows 10 are the only two Windows systems still standing. Window 10 V1511 is also dead. So the Windows wheel changes every 6 months. Linux and MAC have lower market share and perhaps the Linux and MAC PAQ'd articles last longer. Whatever, who needs obsolete articles? Good and useful Windows 10 PAQ posts will be turning over every 6 - 12 months. By contrast, Windows XP lasted 5 years before Vista appeared. The wheel is speeding up and the PAQ is not keeping pace.

2. Experts are not adequately rewarded. We have about 300 (and maybe more) capable Experts in one field or another (probably somewhat more) excluding Google Monkey experts.  Yet we only see fit to acknowledge 8 experts. Now most of the 8 I know, and I respect each one of them. I deny them nothing. But only eight?

Did senior EE management look at this? I think you could have and should have seen the outcome coming and stopped it. Better late than broken.

3. Stop the Cleanup charade. Have a computer identify old questions, propose deletion, and give 4 days for objections. Only then would a human being intervene. This would save a lot of wasted effort. The current way is old school and is even deader than the PAQ.

4. Bring back the Nag. Reminding people by email to close questions is NOT harsh. Let us be business people. Locking out the question wizard may appear harsh but the action is completely voluntary. A member need only close their questions. That cannot possibly appear harsh to a thinking person.

From another thread, have increasing warning bars after 1 week of inactivity on questions that this questioner abandons questions. Only the most thick-headed of individuals will not get the hint.

5. Consider having 2 forums:  Experts-Exchange and Beginners-Exchange. People who join would have to show their mettle before coming into Experts-Exchange. Beginners would not have access to the Expert forum but Experts would have access to the Beginner forum. Beginners could show their mettle and Experts could help them. Grandfathered entry point to Experts-Exchange: I propose 2.5 Million points.

Why would we do such a thing?  To promote true expertise, and to retain good experts who feel we have lost our way. What we would do is keep individuals who do not know how to tie their shoelaces out of the Expert Forum. Minimum age for EE should be at least 18, maybe 21. Minimum age for Beginners may be 13 but they would have to wait until reaching the prescribed age before being allowed to apply to the Expert forum.
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Mark Wills2018-02-12 03:26 PMID: 2109900
@yo-bee  yes, people could do that - but - it is easy to police and the privilege to endorse could be revoked.

@slightwv, how often do you get referred to as netminder ?
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>>how often do you get referred to as netminder ?

It happens a lot more than I feel some would prefer.
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John2018-02-12 05:22 PMID: 2109929
Pat wrote "We could add a Safe Space forum for the snowflakes ..."

Snowflake forum = beginners forum = kiddies forum.

No real traction at this point, but doing nothing (status quo) accomplishes nothing

I came after Assist were part of the landscape.

Since then, the nag / lock has gone and membership is free. Both of these together have made EE a worse place than it used to be and we have lost experts over it. Doing nothing is NOT an option.
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PatHartman2018-02-12 07:07 PMID: 2109951
No.  Snowflakes are not necessarily beginners.  They are people who are offended by being nagged about not cleaning up after themselves.  It was a tongue in cheek remark.  I would never criticize people for being beginners.  However, I would criticize them for being overly sensitive.
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John2018-02-12 07:11 PMID: 2109952
Good point.  I may have unfairly lumped them together.
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skullnobrains2018-02-12 10:08 PMID: 2110014
why not let the askers setup their own reminder when they ask questions ? at least the email would state something like "you set a reminder on the following question, you might review the question / give it an additional week / set your own date. after x days with no comment on your side or others, the question will ... " so you make clear being reminded is their own choice ( however forced ), and keeping it open for ages without at least an explanation is not an option. and the answerers may see that information which would be useful to many.