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One of my favorite places at EE is the articles section. I started helping edit article submissions back in June of last year and never one to be shy expressing an opinion, soon started hassling the ‘powers that be’ about how I thought things ought to be done!

Fast forward to now and I’ve recently been granted the responsibility of leading the entire team and editing process. I’ve embraced that role and am now working towards improving our volunteer’s empowerment.

One of the things I find great about articles is the wealth of knowledge that fellow EE members have and the vast array of topics that get written about. Oh sure, you see it with question answers too, but articles are much more of a “personal touch” IMHO.

I’d like to see more members throw their hat into the ring. It’s really not that difficult. If you’ve ever written an essay back in your school days, then you’ve already written an article at least once in your lifetime. Just pick any topic you’re passionate about and start writing away. The rewards can be great, and I don’t just mean points.

If you’ve made an article submission in the past and were unable to get your article completed or published, I’d urge you to try again now. I’m working on streamlining the process and provide more editorial services for each submission, the goal is to reduce the number of times the author needs to update the article.

Some may think, “but I’m not really an expert on anything.”  So who says you have to be?

Technical articles are fantastic and highly useful, but that’s not all you can write about. You may have discovered a unique or unusual way to solve a problem that you can share. Or played a great game, or used a new piece of software and would like to do a review about it.

Purchased a new iPhone or another electronic device that you love? Write and share what’s so great about it. Have some strong opinions about a technically related topic? Let the world know your thoughts and be counted. EE’s sharing and distribution network is huge!

The possibilities are endless. (within reason) Please don’t bother making submissions relating to gardening, washing machines or how Viagra has helped enhance your love life. Those just get deleted. If unsure, ask. The volunteer Page Editor team is here to help you and we don’t bite! :)

Do you have any thoughts of your own to share about articles submissions at Experts Exchange?  What type of content would you like to see more of? Any other thoughts?

I’ll be looking forward to everyone’s feedback in this thread.

Andrew Leniart
EE Senior Page Editor
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Andrew Leniart2018-03-01 08:18 AMID: 2121228
Hi mbizup,

What's the current status on the article paywall (and is that status written in stone)?

Thank you for your question. I'm a volunteer at Experts Exchange and have no control over EE policy in that regard, so I'm unable to give a definite answer, however, I will ping an EE staff member for you to answer your queries.

Best regards,

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Expert Comment

Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2018-03-02 04:13 AMID: 2121683

<<What's the current status on the article paywall (and is that status written in stone)?>>

  I have to say, I am somewhat in the same frame of mind having been down this road as well with articles and videos as well.

  Before the current group at HQ was in, I had all my EE videos on You Tube pulled and put behind a paywall.   I lost a lot of exposure from that.   But that wasn't the main thing that bothered me...it was the fact that the deal had been changed.   It really soured me about publishing on EE and is the main reason I haven't written too many articles or done videos for a while now.   I even went to the point of starting to put up a web site and decided that I would publish everything on it so I had total control of it.

  But I spoke to Gene Richardson about this and he agreed that we had gotten a raw deal in the past, and he assured me that as long as he was here the same type of thing would not happen.

  While I certainly take him at his word, as with anything, everything is subject to change unless you have a written agreement (and even then, don't be too sure<g>).

  My advice; if you publish anything here on EE, I would hang onto a copy.  But if you really want to be sure, publish on your own site first, then either point to it from here or publish here as a secondary.    Although come to think of it, I'm not sure EE accepts articles published else where.

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Author Comment

Andrew Leniart2018-03-02 05:08 AMID: 2121701
Hi Jim,

I'm unable to comment on the other points you've made, however this;

I'm not sure EE accepts articles published else where.

That's an excellent question so thank you for raising it.

Experts Exchange has very strict rules about plagiarising another author's work so one thing we insist on is that any work submitted is unique to you.

Self-plagiarism, on the other hand, is perfectly fine. We prefer unique content, however having published elsewhere won't disqualify a submission. What we do insist on though, is that if the submitted content has been published elsewhere, that this is disclosed at the time of submitting to us, so that a Canonical URL can be added to prevent search engine penalties.

I've found some authors have hesitated to provide that info at times as they may have thought it would disqualify them from having their work published under the EE banner. That's not the case. In fact, not advising us of pre-publishing can have that exact effect because every submission is checked for plagiarism before being edited, so if found published elsewhere under a different name, for example, can often result in a submission being refused.

I hope that's helped to clarify EE's position on Self Plagiarism for you.

Regards, Andrew
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Expert Comment

Craig Kehler2018-03-02 10:46 AMID: 2121928
What's the current status on the article paywall (and is that status written in stone)?

Articles and videos are not currently behind a paywall and we have no plans to do so in the immediate future. We do require basic registration, no subscription required, before endorsing or commenting on an article. One thing we have learned from the last round is that we overlooked the needs of article authors when we made that change and it had a significant impact on contribution. Ever since that happened this concern comes up when we discuss any effort to "paywall" or "registration gate" article and video content.

Is it written in stone? No, at some point we may adjust the way it is now, but personally I highly doubt we will ever blanket paywall this content again as we are well aware of how that was received. We have discussed that if we make changes in the future we need to consult the article authors before doing so and we need to support the intent of sharing that information freely.


Craig Kehler
Director of Customer Service & Community Relations
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Expert Comment

BillDL2018-03-03 05:35 AMID: 2122182
>>> "Please don’t bother making submissions relating to gardening, washing machines or how Viagra has helped enhance your love life." <<<

Agreed.  There have already been questions about these topics (maybe not the Viagra - gives me a headache anyway) and other not too dissimilar subjects asked in the Miscellaneous topic area.  Many have been addressed by some of our alumni experts for points (some simply reiterating the same sentence for multiple points) and safely PAQd away for people to find in Google, so we hardly need articles written about them.

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Expert Comment

Gustav Brock2018-04-23 06:41 AMID: 2152431
Do you have any thoughts of your own to share about articles submissions at Experts Exchange?

Indeed. The processing time for publishing has been vastly improved - from days (or a week) to hours, if not minutes.
That's a big help. If some corrections should be done, you have everything present. Much easier.