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Join the Volunteer Page Editor team at Experts Exchange!

Here's your chance to volunteer and join a dynamic team at Experts Exchange!
Since my appointment as Senior Page Editor at Experts Exchange, I've been working to streamline the Article Submissions, Editing and Publishing processes. To achieve my desired goals, I've decided that having a few more trusted page editors on board is needed.
We currently advise authors that it can take up to 72 hours for a submitted article to receive attention - that's often not the case as articles are already being dealt with much quicker, but I'd like to see that estimated time eventually reduced to 24 hours or less. So...
I'm currently looking for skilled writers who are willing to volunteer some of their EE time to help with the editing and publishing process of Articles submitted for publishing to Experts Exchange.
Here's a brief description of what the role entails;
Job Description
  • To assist authors by guiding, editing and publishing of their article submissions on Experts Exchange.
  • Review and edit all submitted articles and publish in a timely manner. Ideally, no article should sit longer than three business days without being edited.
  • Liaise with the Senior Page Editor and/or Moderators if any difficulties are realised with an article submission.
  • Check submissions for plagiarism issues and validate necessary Canonical URL’s where self-plagiarism has been detected.
  • Provide guidance, corrections and feedback on the written aspects of an article submission. This includes grammar, spelling and layout.
  • Ideally, edits should be made directly for authors and then advise of any changes that have been made. Always try to minimise the need for to/from Author review bounces.
  • Help to identify high-quality articles with great content for author recognition awards.
  • Picking and choosing the topics you page edit is to be avoided. Page editors should have the ability to edit for any submitted topic.

Though there's a bit more involved, the above is the role “in a nutshell”.
What's in it for me?
The gratitude that results from helping out at Experts Exchange, and having an active role in the site's ever-increasing popularity. You will be a part of the official Page Editor volunteer team, and get to be included and have a say in the growth of article related matters, that other members don't really get a chance to provide much input to.
The appreciation we get from authors for the help in shaping their submissions into great looking and easily readable content is also a huge reward from my perspective. And let's not forget that being accepted as a trusted Page Editor at a site like Experts Exchange can also be quite a feather in your cap, that can be included on your LinkedIn Profile and resume`.
What if I'm not an Expert?
That's OK, it's not what I'm currently looking for. Whilst being a subject matter expert is great, you'll have access to Topic Experts to consult with for any "technical" details about submitted articles.
The people that I'm looking for will have good English Grammar and Writing skills. Be able to edit any article submission from a "readability" standpoint, and assist our authors with those skills.
If the above sounds like you and you're interested in volunteering some of your time, then I encourage you to apply for the role.
Please PM details of your experience and desire to help using the link below, and I will forward all those I think suitable to EE management for appointment consideration.
Not sure? Have Questions?
If you have any questions, or need clarifications, feel free to post them in the comments section of this thread. I’ll do my best to answer them for you.
I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Leniart
Senior Page Editor
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Author Comment

Andrew Leniart2018-03-09 06:07 AMID: 2125906
Hi slightwv,

This thread is about the Page Editor role, so I'd really prefer to avoid getting into debates on what makes a good article and what doesn't. But just this once...

Consider the article:  How to install Windows.

Ok, let's do that just this once.

But consider also that the vast majority of the world's population simply purchases a computer with Windows already pre-installed. Faced with a hard drive crash and no idea how to install Windows for themselves on a newly formatted drive, such a simple article would more likely than not be considered highly valuable to them.

On the other hand, seasoned Windows users would probably find the same article boring and without value. Their superior experience in installing Windows doesn't take away from the value of such an article to others though. Just skip to the next one. "Different strokes for different folks"

As long as it met the 300 word minimum, it was published.

I see no benefit in rehashing what may, or may not have been, enforced in the past. I'm more about looking to the present and the future. I don't enforce any minimum or maximum word count for article submissions.

The final yardstick for all EE Page Editors is whether or not a submission meets Minimum Article Requirements as per the article guidelines I've linked to above. If unsure, submissions can always be referred to me to make the final call.

I hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
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Expert Comment

aikimark2018-03-09 07:54 AMID: 2125996
meeting minimum requirements
tells me everything I wanted to know.  This isn't about different strokes.  It is about quality and meeting minimum requirements just doesn't cut it in my book.

Look at some of the articles I assisted as PE.  You'll usually find a "thanks".  Proper editing makes an article better.
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Author Comment

Andrew Leniart2018-03-09 08:09 AMID: 2125999
Proper editing makes an article better
Indeed. The comments of appreciation we get from authors often serves to make all the effort that much more worthwhile :)
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Expert Comment

Daydreams2018-03-09 02:37 PMID: 2126230
Aside from a few errors and grammatical oddities, your presentation is concise and well written. Here are few things I noticed:

>..what the role entails;

Should be a colon instead of semicolon.

>..Author review bounces.

"Author" should be lowercase

>..related matters, that other members..

Lose the comma.

>..on your LinkedIn Profile and resume`.

Remove the apostrophe.

This was a test, wasn't it? You put those errors in for us to find!
I'm not interested in the position, I'm just trying to be helpful:-)  
My suggestion here would be to make editing collaborative, so that experts have a social experience working together to edit articles. You could have an editing group rather than one position. Might make it more fun!
Carry on (back to the lounge)!
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Author Comment

Andrew Leniart2018-03-09 02:48 PMID: 2126235
This was a test, wasn't it? You put those errors in for us to find!
Absolutely! Any errors in the opening post are intentional and left in for educational purposes only.

This has been a community service announcement :)
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Expert Comment

Daydreams2018-03-09 03:06 PMID: 2126238