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Bogus Message / SPAM?

I just received a message from member Keelyn Young.  The message seems a little odd and she has been a member for a little over a year with 0 points.  Is this bogus?

begin message:

Hi Thomas,

I hope you are having a great week. My name is Keelyn, and I am the Business Development Manager at NovaStor. I’m researching experts in the DataCenter, System Network and Backup industries and your name popped up as someone who may be interested in our program.

We're currently looking to build a Knowledge Experts database and would like to invite to our program.

Why? Because after reading your article we’d love to share your expertise and input with our audience.

Joining our program provides you with reaching more like-minded individuals, access to diverse resources and the opportunity to showcase your message. You would be welcome to invite business partners and/or potential clients to benefit from your words of wisdom as well. While our goal is to deliver educational material to our market, you’d be welcome to mention your blog, services or company as well.

Please consider it, and we can discuss in more detail via a brief phone call. To get to know us please click this link to visit our website.


Keelyn Y.

End message
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bbao2018-03-15 12:53 AMID: 2129643
the message can be considered a marketing spam, spam in formal style, or one word: spam.
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Let EE Corp handle it.  I'm sure they'll be around here later once they get in.

Depending on what they are actually after, it is a violation of the ToU:
6. Code of Conduct
h. Soliciting individuals to join other websites or services comparable to or competitive with Experts Exchange, including, but not limited to, posting links to competing sites.
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I assumed that was why the link was removed.
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Brian B2018-03-15 07:06 PMID: 2130316
I got something similar for one of the OST converter vendor members. Said something like since I endorsed their product they would like to give me a free copy to review. I think pretty much every comment I have left has been negative, so I have no idea where they got their idea from.

I reported it and the EE office is investigating.
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Jim Horn2018-03-16 10:40 AMID: 2130753
Reminds me of UnitedHealthcare / Optum.  Solid company that I've had three separate engagements with, and maybe more in the future, but their exclusive recruiting is done on bottom-feeding 13% margins (most agencies charge 25-40%), which means their only vendors are the bare-bones crappy agencies that can work that cheaply.  

So the only people that contact me about gigs there send me very spammy emails.  'You may be a world-class company, but your representatives can barely speak English and construct a grammar-free paragraph.'

Too bad, as by far UHG/Optum is the best work from home company I've ever seen.  They don't care where you're at, as long as you have a solid internet connection, they can mail you a laptop and setup, and you can start in two weeks.