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End of Gigs?

So what happened with this?  

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Craig Kehler2018-03-28 03:15 PMID: 2137758
I see that previously completed Gigs are still posted. I urge EE to leave them posted, as they represent invaluable references for the Freelancers. In consultancy, as in many forms of business, having happy customers and good reviews/references is of critical importance when trying to win new Clients. Taking down those previously completed Gigs would be harmful to the Freelancers...well, the Freelancers who got excellent Reviews.
We are not planning on removing existing Gigs or the reviews associated with them.

I am disappointed there was no announcement
Understood and I appreciate all the feedback in this thread. I have been trying to improve how well we communicate with our members, in this scenario I failed to deliver. No matter how immediate the action needs to be carried out, we need to make sure we announce it ahead of time.

I'd be happy to donate some brain power if and when the time came to have serious discussions about re-envisioning it.
I will very likely take you up on that offer. :)

Lastly just a thank you to EE for listening and trying to make this the best community out there.  Looking forward to seeing what the future brings!
Thank you! We really appreciate how thoughtful and engaged our members are.
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Kyle Abrahams2018-03-29 05:39 AMID: 2138054
No matter how immediate the action needs to be carried out, we need to make sure we announce it ahead of time.
Not to beat a dead horse but emergencies come up.  If TOS were violated or sopmething illegal was going on (EG: money laundering in a more drastic scenario)  I don't think anyone would have issues with EE shutting it down immediately.  But some kind of communication should still go out after the fact.

EG:  Hey Experts . . . we noticed something shady was going on with one of our products and so we had to stop it immediately.  We're just letting you know why this was done as it may affect you.

Versus shutting it off and have everyone scratching their heads.  

My final 2 cents.
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John2018-03-29 06:24 AMID: 2138088
I figured this one out within a week of it being announced..  

"Will you help me?"  Yes, here is the cost.  "Cost??"

Most recently someone wanted be to do a day's work for them even though I have not been accepting Gigs since inception. They thought $20 was enough for a day's work.

Zero surprise that the feature is gone.
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Craig Kehler2018-03-29 10:17 AMID: 2138258
Agreed Kyle I will do that in the future, I apologize.
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Fred Marshall2018-04-22 05:48 PMID: 2152017
I just learned of this...

I used Gigs: once to get a Gig (that was a very good one!) and once to get a consultant to help me get a project done (which was also a good one).  So that's not large volume.  When I looked for Gigs that had been posted, the content wasn't very compelling most of the time.  I agree with others who commented on the low values assigned.  

Some years ago, I participated in a "clearing house" of sorts (for consultants of many varieties) that was driven by engagement opportunities.   In that way, it was like Gigs.  I finally quit bothering with it when it seemed that the requests for engagements often didn't have much behind them - money, thought, understanding, etc.  A bit too much "wishful thinking" was involved.  But the model for the agency service was reasonable otherwise.  They did well in matching opportunities with the consultant's interests and sending email notices to the consultants.  

It appears there are a number of sites that specialize in this kind of thing:

The encouraging thing about EE Gigs was that it had the opportunity to connect folks in a fairly well-defined set of endeavors in a marketplace that's surely vibrant.  Yet, I was disappointed that the focus was on "gigs" meaning "fixed price jobs".  To me that was a miscalculation.  Many good consulting engagements are done on a "time and materials" basis and contracts are developed that control costs by scoping the statement of work and the deliverables.  That aspect seemed missing.

While I've not spent time thinking further about how to provide this kind of "agency" service, it still has possibilities.  The service is a real business - so like the companies listed in the URL above, it has to have push and energy behind just that one endeavor.  Gigs didn't seem to have that.  So, next time..... ?

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my Gigs consultant paid!!  The button is gone!
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Kim Ryan2018-07-10 04:31 PMID: 2211345
Guess they were never going to compete with Upwork, Freelancer etc. Same with Live, almost impossible to find a serious client there. A shame, because this pay per minute product is different to anything else out there.

Upwork has just driven down the value of professional advice to a commodity, while cranking up commissions. Too much competition, fixed price jobs favoured over hourly contracts.. After a few good years, I've abandoned it.