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Change 50/50 Default Distribution Of Points

In my experience, most questioners do not edit the points when closing a question.

If there are 2 assists, the default distribution is  50% 25% 25%
The accepted solution gets a weighted number of points.
This seems fair as a starting point (and is usually the end point)

However .....
If there is 1 assist the default distribution is  50% 50%
The accepted solution gets the same number of points as the assist by default.
This seems unfair as a starting point (and is usually the end point).

I think 65% 35% would be a lot fairer as a starting point.
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Andrew Leniart2018-03-28 03:40 AMID: 2137342
I think 65% 35% would be a lot fairer as a starting point.
What about if you were the assisted answer and considered it the best? Still fairer? :)

The asker already has the opportunity to edit the point distribution as he/she sees fit. If unhappy with the way the points have been distributed, why not just request attention from a Moderator?

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Modalot2018-03-28 04:26 AMID: 2137372
Any weight does only apply to a specific scenario, so there is no fair default at all. In particular since you cannot assign "Best answer" to more than one comment. And there often are equally valid comments posted.
I agree the point distribution is something changed rarely, even if a change would be more appropriate (for a lot of reasons).

Anyway, the closing process is undergoing a major change in the not so far future, where point splits do not take place at all. I don't think it is a good idea to change the default behaviour of the current wizard until then, as that will cause more friction than it is worth it.
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AndyAinscow2018-03-28 07:19 AMID: 2137486
>>where point splits do not take place at all

Any hints about what is to come?
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Scott Fell2018-03-28 07:48 AMID: 2137504
Andy, Craig had a post a while back that I think addresses this  https://www.experts-exchange.com/discussions/220286/Addressing-some-of-the-issues-facing-Q-A.html