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New Roles for our Community

Currently, Experts Exchange volunteer roles have limited scope within the community. On one hand, Cleanup Volunteers have a very specific task, whereas Topic Advisors cover quite a broad spectrum of needs within their role. We are looking to improve overall engagement among our membership and hope to do this by defining more specific volunteer roles.  Craig and I have been working together on defining these and other community roles that we feel will both give you and other members, clearer boundaries and scope of a role whilst empowering you to help us manage the site.

These new roles are the first three we plan to start advertising for soon.

Our goal is twofold:
  1. Empower our volunteers and make them feel valued
  2. Address the needs of our member base

We’ll be posting an ad soon announcing the search for members to fill the roles defined below. These volunteer positions will come with the necessary permissions needed to get the job done and will be recognized publicly as esteemed roles within the Experts Exchange community.

Detailed descriptions for each role are attached here.  We'll be considering more than one person for each role so they're able to focus solely on their topics of expertise.

For those that are interested in applying for one of these roles, feel free to apply by contacting either Craig or myself. Message Rob or Message Craig

Solution Guide - Solution-Guide.pdf
These individuals will mentor members looking for solutions to problems and will assist them in finding resolutions.

We’re looking for members who understand the challenges of finding a solution to a problem and who is adept at finding creative ways to solve issues, as well as knowing who to turn to for help.

Education Mentor - Education-Mentor.pdf
This role will mentor members looking for learning opportunities and will help identify new programs to inspire learning.

In this volunteer opportunity, we’re searching for members who are actively engaged in learning opportunities and the expansion of their skill set. They will direct others who are looking to hone their expertise through education.

Research Advisor - Research-Advisor.pdf
This role will seek out prevalent technology problems that lack elegant solutions and, as a part of a topic-specific Think Tank, determine how to overcome the challenge.

In an effort to continue the exploration of ideas and problem-solving approaches, we’re looking for individuals who are willing to invest time and energy into Think Tank discussions and research projects with other subject-matter experts.
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Expert Comment

Andrew Leniart2018-11-12 08:07 PMID: 2283793
All of these sound really good!! Though for me I don't really have enough time to take on any additional roles to be able to fulfil any of them properly. Let's hope some suitable experts apply soon!
Rank: Master

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Nadir ALTINBAS2019-08-26 12:27 PMID: 2489780
Sounds really good.  :))  And interested in research advisor telecommute !.
Rank: Prodigy

Expert Comment

Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2019-08-26 12:37 PMID: 2489782
I think this initiative dead?   It's been almost a year since the last post.

Rank: Genius

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at least this thread

Author Comment

Rob Jurd2019-08-26 06:08 PMID: 2489819
Definitely not dead, just needs more attention. I'll reach out to you nadir directly


Expert Comment

Saad Mardini2019-10-18 05:47 AMID: 2507247
Ich bin interrested for the  research advisor role