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"endorsement" vs. "helpful"

I just received a new type of notification...first time ever for this one, as I recollect. It says that a "comment was helpful":

helpful comment
This is different from the "endorsed your comment" notifications, which have been around for a while and are still coming in...got this one earlier today:

endorsed comment
The first one above does not count in the thumbs-up icon...the second one does.

What is the difference between these two? Why would an author do one instead of the other? Can an author do both? The "endorsements" appear in the thumbs-up icon...where do the "helpfuls" appear? Regards, Joe
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Joe Winograd2018-04-12 01:55 PMID: 2146106
at first glance...was quite cut-throat and short helped
I suggest that you take another glance...nothing could be further from the truth, and I really don't appreciate the comment. Please tell me what post(s) you think are "cut-throat and short helped". Regards, Joe

Update: You added content while I was writing my reply. When I hit the Submit button, I saw your new content, especially the entire last paragraph...not that it would have affected my post.

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ModeIT2018-04-12 02:33 PMID: 2146117

I might have been a little too negative on it.  I'll follow up with you in a PM once I finish a few of my rounds.  (working in a hostile work environment all day doesn't help much for non-bias commentry/ viewing)

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Joe Winograd2018-04-12 02:38 PMID: 2146118
Fair enough. I'll look for your PM.
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Andrew Leniart2018-04-12 09:07 PMID: 2146230
Not saying what you and Andrew posted was wrong. but could use some more clarity to the problem
Hey, all's I did was try to help the guy.. something I've done for dozens of times in my capacity as Topic Advisor (not necessarily for closing questions, but a variety of other issues as well) and have never had a single complaint, rather just messages of gratitude and thanks from members. This one particular member got frustrated, which I'm sure was just a result of his inability to follow the closing instruction article. I tried to be as helpful as I could, but you can only do so much sometimes.

Seems like the whole thing was just a "storm in a teacup" from my view. No biggie :)

Onto a more serious matter, my new kitten just scratched my leg and made it bleed, but as he was just being playful, I've left the shotgun in the gun safe for now ;-)

Regards, Andrew

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ModeIT2018-04-12 10:22 PMID: 2146254
"Seems like the whole thing was just a "storm in a teacup" from my view. No biggie :)"

one could definitely repeat that.

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Let's bring this back up.

I found a way to view my received endorsements.  That was pretty easy.

How do I view my helpfuls?

If I cannot view them, remind me again why we have them?

Cat still alive?