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Introducing Cloud Class® — the New Course Offering from Experts Exchange

In an effort to continue to provide continuing education opportunities to our members, we’re conducting a complete overhaul of our Course offering. Later this month, we will be releasing a membership subscription add-on called Cloud Class. With this release, our course library will greatly expand to include both highly technical courses and professional business training courses, and it will require changes to the way courses are offered to our member base, including our Qualified Experts (QEs).

Currently, QEs receive complimentary access to our existing Premium membership, which includes the ability to ask unlimited questions and view all existing solutions without delay, as well as other Premium question support features. In honor of the many contributions our QEs make on site, we will be offering QEs a 70% discount on access to the Cloud Class library.

To enroll in Cloud Class, QEs will need to upgrade to a Premium with Cloud Class® membership subscription to use the awarded discount.


If I gain discounted access to Cloud Class one month, will I continue to receive that discount?
  • You will continue to receive the Cloud Class discount as long as you maintain your Qualified Expert status.
  • Please note: QE status is gauged on the first of each month based on your prior month’s contribution.

What if I am not able to earn enough points in one month due to professional or personal reasons but have earned more than 50,000 points in the past year?
  • In this case, you will still qualify for a free month of Premium access and the 70% discount to Cloud Class. Our guidelines of earning either 3,000 points in one calendar month or 50,000 points in the previous 12 months for a free month of Premium Member access are still in effect.

Can I still create courses to make money or can I create courses to qualify?
  • You will still gain points for creating free courses. When your course is marked “Published” by a course editor you will receive 10,000 points. You will then receive 500 points for every course enrollment and 1 point per course view. Members will no longer receive money for this contribution.

What will happen to existing enrolled courses?
  • Any courses you are currently enrolled in will remain in your course library.

I'm a volunteer (topic advisor) do I need to pay for a course?
  • Yes, with this new add-on structure, Cloud Class will not be available for free with your volunteer status, but it will be available to you for a discounted price (70% off) for your contributions on site.

Will Lifetime Premium members, the 5 million point club, still be recognized as QEs?
  • Yes, you have gained QE status for life.


Craig Kehler
Director of Customer Service & Community Relations
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Expert Comment

Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2018-04-15 08:47 AMID: 2147528
Off topic - Is there any way to unsubscribe from notifications for threads in this group?

For an individual thread, click the 'eye' icon:

 For the entire group, drop down to "Group Settings" right below all the member icons:

 and then uncheck the appropriate boxes:

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Expert Comment

_agx_2018-04-15 08:55 AMID: 2147531
Ah, I overlooked "the eye" in this thread... disappointed, but successfully unsubscribed!

Thanks Jim.
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Expert Comment

Joe Winograd2018-04-16 02:23 PMID: 2148702
One other thing: the title of this discussion says, "...the New Course Offering from Experts Exchange". That doesn't necessarily mean that the "Old Course Offering" will go away, so there may still be the possibility to create non-Cloud Class (non-free) Courses under the "Old" program, for which the authors receive money rather than points. I'm sure we'll get the complete scoop when Craig responds. Regards, Joe
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Author Comment

Craig Kehler2018-04-17 12:08 PMID: 2149330
Here are the ways the existing course offering is changing:
  • If you directly purchased a course it will remain in your library. Otherwise, existing courses will no longer be offered. In some cases they were migrated into the new course offering.
  • April's Course of The Month will be supported and will be available for the entire month of April. After that, the Course of The Month offering will come to an end.
  • Every existing course creator was contacted and we have worked out the migration of their courses (paid or free) into the new course offering in a mutually beneficial way.
  • There are no immediate plans to support the creation of courses for money. We may investigate it in the future but the resounding feedback was that doing so in the past did not work well for course creators.
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Expert Comment

Joe Winograd2018-04-19 07:39 AMID: 2150561
Hi Craig,
Thanks for the explanation. Regards, Joe
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Author Comment

Craig Kehler2018-04-26 10:34 AMID: 2155113
With today’s release Cloud Class® is now officially launched. Check out the new course library here!