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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Joel Spolsky just wrote a retrospective on the formation of Stack Overflow.  Of course, EE played a big part in that formation process - by just existing.


Being one of the old farts here on EE, I thought it worth sharing some memories from back in the day.

What do you remember most about the early days of EE?
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>>It was around about the time EE was charging before giving out any answers

I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong but my memory of EE tells me that wasn't true.  It appeared to be that way because of how the paywall was implemented BUT, had you stumbled onto the "Become an Expert" link and signed up for free, I'm pretty sure you could see the answers.

It was finding the Expert link that was next to impossible...
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Al Jee2018-04-21 06:34 PMID: 2151657
>It was finding the Expert link that was next to impossible... <

That was at the bottom left [or right] with the microtext posted in white, wasn't it!
I remember that!
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2018-04-22 05:24 AMID: 2151751
Don't think it was quite that hard to find, but they certainly did not make it front and center.   They really pushed memberships back then.

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AndyAinscow2018-04-22 08:00 AMID: 2151810
I've been a member since mid 2001.  At that time I could get access for free, some free points per month for 'paying' for questions if I remember correctly and then after a while got the 'expert' status.
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>>Don't think it was quite that hard to find

I remember having to contact EE Support for the location because I forgot where it was and had an Expert that wanted to join.  I didn't want to wait days until I found it again.  It was buried deeper than the link to file a bug is today!  ;)
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Eric AKA Netminder2018-04-22 09:07 PMID: 2152056
Let's just say I remember more than I wish I did.