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Appflow, Nitro API, GSLB, Director?

7.15 is much improved (Director).... Edgesight is gone.  Insight Appliance (not to be confused with cis.citrix.com and Smart Tools) continues to blow up.  MAS is, at free a common version of Command Center and no Insight. Sure that will change but when?  What's the point?  

Sure, if you have DMZ and users accessing Secure Gateway "Virtual Server", to Insight appliance,m to Director - okay.

But what about inside?  Do you use LB VIPs on Netscaler or push it all through Netscaler Secure Gateway to get all that Appflow data?

Where do you put it? What value does it add?  How do you use it?  How does your T1 Help Desk use it for 1st hit closure?  Or is it not meant for T1 at all? Why?  I've met plenty of T1 teams/people that could use it to improve their 1st hit closure ratio.

I yield the floor.