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Access Expertise help needed

Hi all,

I've just found out about and joined this group.

We have an article submission that is currently being edited and one of our Page Editors has struck a problem with verifying the workings of the submitted code.

Any chance an Access Guru could look over the code in the following submission and advise if it's sound?

Edit: PE's notations;

I'm trying to follow the instructions to the letter but not getting the expected result.  I've cut and pasted the snippets (although in the first there's "myTable" which I've changed to "MyTable" to match the rest of the settings) I just can't spot why it's not behaving as expected and not confident enough about my Access to be sure it's not me!  Some of the Access terms need better translation from the French version - Empty Status > Allow zero length, Column = Field Name, Number (long) = Long integer etc - but substantially I'm happy with the body.

Many thanks for any assistance.


Andrew Leniart
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aikimark2018-05-24 04:46 AMID: 2174314
I can't see the article
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aikimark2018-05-24 04:48 AMID: 2174316
Never mind.  The article eventually displayed.