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Hiding Posts if not accepted as answer or Marking Authors

Hello to everybody,
I have an issue and i would really like your feedback as its a bit controversial...
I participate in many questions but i see that a lot of authors due to lack of many .....reasons..... choose the answers quite randomly or they get confused in the way and usually just pick the last one  or something similar....
Its has begun to be really annoying because in some cases i have really took some time to investigate into the author's problem and simply they don't i said ..they pick an answer and off they go...
SO i would like to suggest that if my posts are not accepted as an answer that they would be get hidden....the author simply didn't care why i should provide something that doesn't acknowledges...for the future searches...there would available to everyone else but the author.
i reckon it would be quite easy  to mark some authors as "SPECIAL"....this doesn't mean that i will ignore him/her ...maybe it should be only visible to Experts that like to have that kind of info ...but i would take a look at previous question and try to "get" the philosophy of getting the points...usually posting last or posting in a special "way"...for example some authors like the answer in a plate, start to finish or they like tricks and shortcuts simple single liners...
I know it sounds  a bit egoistic and just not "feels right" but do take a couple of seconds and think it over...someone asks something...i take some time to resolve it ....the author picks an answer for a number a reasons that have nothing or little to do with the problem or it just was too bored to actually examine my a complete waste of time for me.....but probably he\she will come back after they have discovered their mistake and actually use my posts to resolve the the end consider it as a measure of protecting Experts from authors that just don't care if some people took some time to assist them...i know that the "client" is always "right" but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't have some kind of "protection" against those "client" and give him/her the proper "assist"
Take special note...that this will not apply always....i consider me a decent man  and i do acknowledge when an answer is better than mine...there just some cases that really get me annoyed ...
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John Tsioumpris2018-06-20 05:37 AMID: 2201306
Hi Jim
Well nicely put and written if we were talking in philosophical level ....but this is not the case...
     I think that the key word in the first part is "enforcement"....well every enforcement usually has a negative effect....but my proposal lacks any typeof enforcement...its just a reminder for me (marking) and a future way of convincing the authors to award points more carefully and take some time to examine the solutions proposed...i think we all agree that a great chunk of questions are awarded just to get awarded...
     About the why and were...i think i know....:)...but don't underestimate the gamification nature of EE...along with other rival sites...simply put none likes to be 2nd (or 3rd,4th... and so on)...and to steal something for your 3rd part of your answer ...endorsements don't get points...
    About the last part...well its true that there authors with various levels of knowledge...but when a solution is proposed ...usually is not the Relativity Theorem...usually is just a simple code review and transfer to their own application or even simpler an attachment download... how hard can that be.
Well in my 1st i said that is either like it or hate it....personally i have taken my would be just great if EE could assist on this......

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mbizup2018-06-20 09:47 AMID: 2201742
Hi John,

The idea of 'flagging' other members has come up many times in the past.  In short,  EE is highly unlikely to ever implement such a feature.  

The reason is that a large part of EE's business is providing paying members with access to experts to answer their questions.  Giving experts a tool that facilitates blacklisting askers goes directly against their business model.
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John Tsioumpris2018-06-20 10:08 AMID: 2201745
Hi mbizup
it could be available only on individual level....but if its against its business model...i "understand" but this is a  two edged sword......
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Some askers simply don't care how a question is closed, or whether the Experts are awarded points. They just care that their situation is resolved, and their boss is off their backs!

As Andrew said, if you feel the question hasn't been closed fairly then by all means object and let the Mods hash it out. In most cases the Mods are going to side with the asker, since it's really up to that asker to determine which comments actually helped them, but it's certainly not uncommon for them to overturn an acceptance.

I agree with Jim's outlook on this, philosophical as it is. Everyone here participates for different reasons, and you have to determine if those reasons are sufficient for you to overlook the shortcomings of the interface, the members, and EE. EE has taken a definite turn in favor of the paying members over the past few years - to the detriment of the Experts, in my opinion - and it does not appear that will change. If that's not a pill you can swallow, then you'll have to make a decision as to your participation level (I have, as have many other Experts).

As to blacklisting - that'll never happen (nor should it). You can always keep track of the members you don't want to work with and just ignore their questions, but as to a site feature ... don't waste your time. EE has rejected that suggestion many times in the past.
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mbizup2018-06-21 05:47 AMID: 2202886
>> the author simply didn't care

There is no way for us to know what is truly causing the OP to abandon questions or make what seem like random closures.  

Many of the 'most active'  Experts are independent consultants.  On the other hand, many of the regular Askers are full-time employees -- gov't, corporate, etc.  Projects may be low budget/ low priority (as an example, I am currently allotted 20 hours for the entire fiscal year on one of my projects).  Contracts also can get cancelled on short notice, or employees moved to different assignments, with project work abruptly terminated.  

EE's interface nags Askers to close their questions after a certain point, and in many cases Askers are pushed to close questions on topics they are unfamiliar with, with solutions they are no longer able to test.  Over the years I've seen many posts to the effect of "I am no longer on that project", either posted directly in questions or through separate attention requests, and those are only the people who vocalize this (I imagine it affects others as well).

I won't argue with the point that many Askers 'don't care', but there are also many who doing what they can balancing EE's system with what their job allows them to do - and in the process might be picking answers that THEY found helpful for whatever reason (but may seem random from an Expert's perspective).

EE has a couple of recent features that seem like excellent additions for helping in ALL these situations.

One such feature is the Expert closures for abandoned questions, where Experts are asked to propose closures for questions that have been abandoned for whatever reason.

Another is the 'endorse' button.  My understanding is that if quality posts receive three or more endorsements, those posts become 'community solutions'.  I'm not sure if there are points associated with this, but those posts are distinguished as solutions.
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Craig Kehler2018-07-11 12:56 PMID: 2211644
Great discussion here, sorry I didn't notice sooner. :)

We have discussed the options of Expert notes on question author's and even blacklisting recently. As many have mentioned, we are extremely cautious about doing anything that discourages collaboration and helping people get their solutions. However that doesn't mean we are adverse to educating users on how to get better solutions. Our Customer Service team is getting involved in questions that go unanswered, following up with users and in many cases helping them formulate a better question or teaching them how to properly show their gratitude to the Experts. We are getting more involved in the solution process.

If you haven't seen this thread John please give it a read. We have learned a lot from user feedback and from getting more involved in the solution process. 

We have a beta underway and are discussing feedback here right now we are still trying to get more users into the beta. In Monday's release we made it a little more aggressive in the ask question process.

Thanks for all your feedback.