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Alerts for Followed Topics

We've had feedback from our Solution Guides and the Customer Service team that often questions go unanswered due to Experts not being aware of the question.  This could be due to a few factors, one being the initial visibility of the question being reliant on Experts being alerted via a saved search.  
(Incorrect assignment of topics is still an issue and is being worked on separately.)

We are very reliant on saved searches to alert our Experts of any given question so we want to make the process of finding questions you want to answer as easy as possible, without having to go through having to set up and maintain saved searches.

The goal

Reduce the complexity (for everyone) in finding questions you want to answer.  Move away from using the advanced search (saved search) purely for finding questions to answer and instead make it far easier to be notified (configurable) by just following a topic. The advanced search will still be there for those more complex searches should you need it.

So what’s the change?

In the next few weeks we expect to release an update that will notify you of any new question in any of the topics you are following.

Note: For all intents, these alerts are essentially a hidden saved search for everyone based on a followed topic. It runs through the same logic as a saved search so that you’re only notified once of any given question no matter how many saved searches you have set up or how many topics you are following.  

The plan is to initially default your notifications to an hourly digest and via email only.  This will catch what your saved searches do not.  This will be configurable so please see below on “what to do when the update goes live”.

All new Experts will get an on-site notification and email for every new question in topics they are following.

What will you need to do when the update goes live?

Review your settings:

We will do an announcement banner on release that informs all Qualified Experts (QEs) how to adjust them for on-site notifications.

If you have any concerns or feedback on this, please post below or message me directly.

Rob Jurd
EE Community Advisor
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Expert Comment

Modalot2018-08-24 05:09 AMID: 2248681
I've not received different point notifications (yet), so I suppose it is caused by the way OPs close their question. If they manually mark helpful comments first, then close, you'll get separate notifications. If the closing process "endorses" your comment, you'll get a single one.
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Expert Comment

Craig Kehler2018-08-24 09:43 AMID: 2248922
It doens't happen for every question but since the change to the close process I've noticed several emails/notification during the close process.

I get the "helpful", "accepted" and "comment" emails individually.  I get that those are separate functions and might even span the cron jobs.  Not sure how to address the multiples when events happen independently over a short time span.

When it happens again, I'll try and remember to grab a screenshot.
I'm having the problem that slight described.

That helps, I was focused on the followed topic alerts. Part of the new question system changes were focused on question abandonment by authors. Rather than having them wait for more comments to see if something better came along, we are getting feedback on each comment without requiring the question to be outright closed. Also we want them to be able to select more than one solution if it is improved over time. So as slightwv mentioned they are in fact separate functions. We can look into consolidating the notifications over time or categorizing them better, however we want to focus on getting the "expert side" of the Q&A beta done first. This is focused on peer review and what the experts think the best solution is.

I was just responding to one of my own questions and I know I just sent notifications to almost everyone that participated. Now they each got only one and while knowing that the author found your comment helpful is gratifying, I can see how this could be improved.
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Expert Comment

skullnobrains2018-08-25 05:52 AMID: 2249384
consolidated notifications by thread might be a nice feature.

maybe a recap page with a snippet of the comments corresponding to each notif and filters could be a nice idea.
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Expert Comment

You just need to be careful on what is consolidated and what isn't.

I get that a closing process is a multi-step process and events can overlap but I don't want important things like an author comment to be delayed just in case a minute later they close the question.

Now I can see the close being delayed a few minutes while the system sees if they click any additional as helpful or leave another "thanks" comment.

Maybe another change in the close process:  A big red button:  "I'm ready to close this question" that will hold notifications?
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Expert Comment

skullnobrains2018-08-26 05:28 AMID: 2249740
it's probably not feasible in mail context, unless the email actually shows remote content on the fly.
it might be sensible to add a tracking feature and not send notif on a question that you have already been notified about... but that seems like a pain to setup properly for a mild benefit.

on the other hand, the onsite notifications can easily be grouped whenever they come up, or actually rather the moment they are displayed.
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Expert Comment

>>When it happens again, I'll try and remember to grab a screenshot.

I keep deleting things before I remember this...  Here is a recent set of notifications for a single post/answer:
I'll try to remember to also post the email notifications I received tomorrow when I have access to email again.