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Received 1,050 points for a High Priority question instead of 3,000 points

My first thought is that it's a bug, so I was going to post it at the bug page, but then I remembered the new Q&A beta and figured that it's probably related to that. I was going to post it at the Release Notes where it is mentioned, but decided that a new group discussion was the better way to go.

Here are two recent questions:

They are both High Priority and in both cases one of my posts was the only accepted answer. Thus, I was expecting 3,000 points for each, but hovering on the check-mark icon says "1050 total points" in both cases. Now, for starters, that's a really weird figure...hard to believe that the asker actually chose that number...in both cases. Much more likely is that it's the default in the new Q&A beta. If that's the case, I urge EE not to go live with it, as it represents an extreme disservice to the experts who answer questions. Or, it could be a bug, and 3,000 points is really what's intended for a High Priority question (2,000 for Medium; 1,000 for Low), in which case, simply fix the bug.

But what I think is going on here is that the 1,050 is a default and...surprise, surprise...many askers will not take the time to change the default, even if it is as simple as using a slider (I can't be sure what's going on since I rarely ask questions at EE and have not done so with the beta).

In his group discussion last month, Rourke said, "We are overjoyed with the positive reactions we've already received..." My guess is that the positive reactions were mostly from askers. Sure, it's easier for them...just let it rip, as I suspect what happened on the two questions I cited above. But you're not going to get positive reactions from experts who put in a lot of effort and get 1,050 points on a High Priority question instead of 3,000. Please delay putting this live until you solve this issue.

Btw, on a side note, I do not like the new email subject. The two that I got the for the questions mentioned above were:

Solution accepted for Setting up Pascal on Windows
Solution accepted for Reading and writing to a txt file in Free Pascal

It doesn't even say, "Your solution accepted". I think Good Answer! and Good Assist! are far better...I see absolutely no reason to change them. Also, the body of the email does not show the points earned on the question...the old email does...another bad change, imo. Regards, Joe
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sdstuber2018-07-31 07:21 PMID: 2227495
So, basically 2 categories of people are targets then...

1 - People that will only participate if they can get points - who cares about them?   Yes, we all play the game, but if you're holding back because you don't want to share points, then just leave.  You don't belong here.

2- People that "poach" on a question which can then cause others to lose the points they should have earned - So, the approach here is to reward the poachers in the hopes that the points splits will cause the "main" participant(s) to also get a bigger reward.

Yes, I realize the goal on #2 is not to "reward the poachers" but there is no way the proposed (and now implemented) system can do anything but reward them.   And, the "main" participants have no guarantee of increased reward, in fact, not really any chance of the math working in their favor unless they intentionally try to game the system and the asker plays along when closing.

Seems ill conceived as well as poorly implemented.
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PortletPaul2018-07-31 07:59 PMID: 2227522
GM's will have a field day with this endless points for collaboration, and site quality will degrade as a consequence.

It is getting far harder to find the actual answer now, and this was a major (positive) differentiator.  
Endless "collaboation" isn't necessary in a Q&A

here is my question....
here is my suggested solution ....

don't overthink this
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Joe Winograd2018-08-03 07:34 AMID: 2230573
Hi Rourke,
Here's 2,050 for a High Priority question:
What's the scoop on that one?
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I have found another strange issue.

As per the email notification I got today, I earned 3000 points for a high priority question. But the strange thing is the Total Points mentioned in the notification doesn't match with the Total Points on the Profile Page. It is 2000 points less than what was mentioned in the notification.
I know that the notification was correct as I checked my profile page and total points  just before I got that email notification and it seems only 1000 points were accumulated to the Total Points.

Now it is clear why the Total Points have not been accumulating correctly for last few days because it is only today when I got the email notification with the points details otherwise I thought it was all due to the new point system.

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John2018-08-06 05:00 PMID: 2232977
Christopher wrote"
"We will reapply the question priority point multiplier to the first accepted comment of each participating Expert.  … We are aiming at having this ready for our next release on Monday, and the effects will be retroactive to all questions closed since the release yesterday."

Thank you Christopher. It seems to have been repaired.  Month to date August revised points appears to match my regular pedaling rate for answering questions.

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Christopher Rourke2018-08-07 01:47 PMID: 2234045
You're welcome John, and thank you to all the that participated in this feedback discussion.