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Email Subscription Ethics

I have just one checked option in my EE subscriptions. I opted in to receive the newsletter recently. I believe that asking for a monthly newsletter does not grant permission for other marketing  email.

"Receive the monthly community newsletter, full of top articles and contributions from community members like you, plus timely tech news you won't want to miss. "

Since that subscription I have had email from "Simon" extolling the virtue of a business account and "... how to keep your team in the know and on the offensive without high consultation fees."

Should I treat this as a possible bug, or as a difference in opinion on the ethics of a newsletter subscription?
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Craig Kehler2018-08-16 04:41 PMID: 2242445
There was a mix-up on that particular email send, you should not get more of these.
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John2018-08-16 06:04 PMID: 2242469
I had two emails from "Simon" telling me I should sign up

I responded to Simon on the second email but have not heard back.

Quote from my reply "Hello,  Why on earth do I need a free trial for Experts Exchange?  Thanks "

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bsod2018-08-16 11:58 PMID: 2242600
Simon says, "Sign up."

that's just evil...

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Jim Horn2018-08-17 06:49 AMID: 2242940
Note to self:  This gives me an excellent idea on a practical joke to play on my buddy Paul..