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Kaspersky invite?

I just got a EE PM invite for a survey for Kaspersy from some Russian suvey site(crowdtesting.ru) to do a Skype survey for $150 bucks.

Anybody know if this is legit?
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pgm5542018-08-21 09:23 AMID: 2245895
Irina Kuznetsova

My name is Irina. I found your message at this website where you gave advice on Kaspersky Lab product. I am writing to request your participation in UX study for Kaspersky Lab - 1,5-2 hrs Skype interview to share your expert opinion on how their support portal in USA can be improved. Please let me know if you are interested and available to join (Aug 21-26). Payout is $150. Thank you!
You can contact me  here or via email

Usually on a PM ,it ain't AV their trying to sell.
Usually I get a saw you picture and I want a date.
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Al Jee2018-08-21 09:29 AMID: 2245896
"Irina Kuznetsova" ?

I may be off base here, but doesn't that sound like a nom de guerre of  Natasha Fatale?
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Stacy Richard2018-08-21 09:31 AMID: 2245897
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Andrew Leniart2018-08-21 01:40 PMID: 2246076
Great job Stacy, but a small request if I may. If a member is suspended, could you also include the word "Suspended" in the member's profile administrative note? Just putting in
"Posted By: Stacy Richard (Stacy-Richard)
Note: SPAM"
doesn't tell us that the member has indeed been suspended.

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Stacy Richard2018-08-21 01:48 PMID: 2246092
@Andrew I updated the note to say Suspended.
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Andrew Leniart2018-08-21 01:52 PMID: 2246093
Many thanks Stacy. I've prompted a couple of Mods to do that in the past as well :)  Realy appreciate it as I find it very useful when looking over the profiles when articles are submitted to see if they've ever been suspended in the past.

Kind regards, Andrew