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Linked Table Manager

If you have not already seen it, I encourage you to read my article on my Linked Table Manager (LTM) add-in for Access and SQL server.

It has huge advantages over the current version and works in all versions from 2007-2016 (I have not tested in O365).

Displays linked data sources (Access and SQL Server) in a subform at the top of the page, user can select one or more of these data sources and all of the linked tables and pass-thru queries in the Access FE will be displayed in another subform.  Users can select to refresh links to these tables, relink to a different BE (either Access or SQL Server), or to link tables from the datasource which are not already part of the FE.

Users can hide or view the source table name associated with linked tables and when working with SQL Server can elect to either retain or drop the schema prefix that normally gets added when linking SQL tables.  Oh, did I mention that it creates DSN-less connections to the SQL Server tables?

Take a look at the article and down load the add-in, feedback requested.
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Andrew Leniart2018-08-21 01:56 PMID: 2246094
Thanks for this discussion prompting to read that article Dale. I found it very well written when I edited it and what impressed me about it was that though my understanding of Access and SQL is very elementary, the way you've written it and examples you uploaded makes it easy to understand even for noobs like me and I'd meant to endorse it after editing and forgot. Now endorsed :)  Please keep those types of articles coming!

Andrew :)
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