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Wednesday Morning Silliness

This was the opening remark of a lecture I attended from a University of Minnesota professor of Data Analytics that did some consulting engagements for Match.com:

Question:  What's the difference between an online retailer like Amazon.com and an online dating site ?
Answer:  All Amazon cares about is if you like the book.  The BOOK doesn't have to like YOU!!

Have a good morning everybody..
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Stacy Richard2018-08-29 08:14 AMID: 2252274
Amazon offers refunds ... Just sayin
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Jim Horn2018-08-29 09:05 AMID: 2252322
Amazon probably doesn't slap a 35-year old cover when advertising a 50-year old book either.
Or state the 50-year old book is only interested in 25-35 year old books.

:: let the analogies fly ::
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Mark Wills2018-08-29 12:02 PMID: 2252448
You dont have to wine and dine a book to get satisfaction.

You can shove the book on the bedside table whenever your finished

You dont have to ask permission to keep lights on with a book.

A book is always ready whenever the urge strikes....

You can have a book anytime day or night, in public or in private....
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Speed542018-08-29 01:24 PMID: 2252501
Having a hard back is not a disadvantage
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Mark Wills2018-08-29 02:06 PMID: 2252522
A book doesnt care if you swipe left or right.
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Brian B2018-08-30 05:26 AMID: 2252992
You can loan your book to your friends.

Well, some might do that with dating sites as well, but ewww.....