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Music database song subform need to have initial value for Song Position = 1 then increment by 1

I am writing a database to track my player piano rolls.  My main form is frmTitles which on which the Piano Roll title information is entered and then the subform is frmSongs on which the song information is entered.  The fields on frmSongs are (in order) SongPosition, SongTitle, SongType and SongLength.  

When I first enter the subform I would like the default value for SongPosition to be 1.  Then for each song after that have the SongPosition increment by 1 so that after the initial 1 I would have 2,3,4,5,6,7 etc. until all of the songs for that title are entered.  It would help if there was a way to error check so that the numbers are all in sequential order.  I have access 2016.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2018-09-11 03:30 AMID: 2258642

  This really is a question and not a discussion.  Discussions are meant for things that are general and wide ranging "What do you think of the new version of Access?", "Do you think were are moving past RDBMS designs?", etc.   There's never really an answer.

 In this case though, there is a very specific answer. So if you would, please ask this as a question using the blue "Ask A Question" button that's on the top of the home page.

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