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EE sticker spotted!

Today I spotted an EE sticker in one of our Labs, I don't remember sticking it on a TFT screen!

It is possible this was an old TFT screen, which was allocated to me, which has since been re-allocated, many years ago!
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Jeffrey Dake2018-10-02 11:42 AMID: 2268201
Love seeing that!
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Jim Horn2018-10-03 11:26 AMID: 2268698
I had two of these moments across ten years, one guy wearing an EE T-Shirt at the local grocery store and another wearing a different T-shirt a month ago at a dog park along the Mississippi river.
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What is also funny (well I thought), is Students did ask if I had stuck a sticker on it, wearing a EE Polo Shirt!

I might play a game, as I've found some more stickers, and add one a day to other TFT screens in the Lab!

(Actually it's my MEng Lab!)