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Why not use the "This is Helpful" option and help out fellow experts?

In my capacity as a TA at Experts Exchange, I'll often view questions in my Topic Zones that I may not be able to help with, or don't participate in questions because I can see that other experts have already given the advice that I'd give.

In the latter case, I'll often mark the other experts' comments by clicking the recently made available (beta) function [This is Helpful] button.

This is Helpful or This is Unhelpful etc.
However, what I'm frequently seeing are comments by Experts in questions saying that they agree with a previous Experts comment and then adding their own comment, yet do not mark the previous expert's comments as helpful.

I'm curious why not?

The addition of those buttons is to encourage collaboration between experts and giving you the ability to recognise other experts contributions as being helpful, thus rewarding them with a few points. Marking another expert's comment as Helpful does not take anything away from your own comments or from being marked as the solution by askers, so please do consider using them.

If we all work together to help askers out and reward each other for our contributions, it can only serve to increase the great community spirit of Experts Exchange and help make the place an even friendlier and place for people to participate in.

This has been a community service announcement :-)

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Gustav Brock2018-10-03 07:17 AMID: 2268591
I can spot good code and advice. A few times, I have marked a comment as helpful when it wasn't recognised otherwise.
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Andrew Leniart2018-10-03 07:57 AMID: 2268604
I don't think marking a not helpful does anything other than collapse it?  Maybe it has changed?
Not sure if anything happens apart from collapsing (or is recorded on the back end of the question) when the "This is not helpful." button is clicked, but I suspect something may be recorded, otherwise, why would there be 5 different reasons to select from when the button is clicked?

Not Helpful Reasons
Hopefully, someone from EE development will notice this thread and may clarify?

But back on the original question, thanks to everyone so far who have shared their input. Some reasons there for not using the "This is helpful." button that have been given I hadn't considered.
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Jim Horn2018-10-03 11:21 AMID: 2268697
Because as the above experts state this seems to be meant for the asker, and this resembles an 'I'm an old dog and this is a new trick'.

But to get into the habit I marked all of the above comments as helpful.
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Andrew Leniart2018-10-03 11:27 AMID: 2268699
Because as the above experts state this seems to be meant for the asker
No, it's definitely meant for experts use as well.

When the "This is helpful" button is clicked by an EE Certified Expert, the expert who made the comment that you clicked the Helpful box on gets 50 points (from memory) for each certified expert endorsement when the option is clicked.

Also, the "This is the solution" button can also be clicked by certified experts and does not take away from the asker selecting the comments that he/she considered to be the solution either. When an asker clicks the "This is the solution" button, the comment is clearly marked with an "Asker Certified Solution"
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Martin Liss2018-10-03 11:32 AMID: 2268700
It's a good thing that Experts-Exchange is a social media site.
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It is for Experts certifying Experts.  Here is the announcement that Andrew is referencing: