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Help Vampire

So I stumbled upon this very old article... http://slash7.com/2006/12/22/vampires/ about a very interesting term someone coined... A Help Vampire?... Thoughts? :D
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Dustin Saunders2018-10-18 10:28 AMID: 2274668
I'm familiar with the member Tom, yeah I get the impression EE is being outsourced for someone's job there (almost 1 question per day average).  I tend to help with people who are stuck and trying to learn or get help with a problem vs doing a free dev consulting gig-- unless of course it's an interesting problem I'd like to try and figure out.  One thing I've always said around EE is that it's often as helpful for me to work with problems I haven't run across as it's a great way to develop ideas that can be applied to our problems that need solutions internally.

Typically though, you can spot a stock image a mile away, and if you reverse image search their profile pic I'd bet money you go to Shutterstock.
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Shaun Vermaak2018-10-18 11:40 AMID: 2274690
Yes, it is a stock photo
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Craig Kehler2018-10-18 12:25 PMID: 2274705
This is starting to devolve into flaming other members and calling them out. That is simply unacceptable and against the Terms of Use.

I think Jim made a really good point that most are legitimately seeking help. If you come at each question with a cynical approach you really are going to find what you are looking for and often misjudge others intentions.

You can chose when you don't want to help someone anymore, but you don't get to bully them in a thread like this.

If you want to create resources like articles to answer repetitive questions, go right a head, but ridicule and name calling is a very immature approach to problem solving.

If you think someone is abusing the system, report their profile. Please don't resort to this sort of witch hunt.
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Chinmay Patel2018-10-18 02:39 PMID: 2274762
I didn't expect the name drops when I started this thread. My intent was to see if others have felt the same pain that I feel sometimes and get some fun out of it and possibly some creative ways to counter them so that I other deserving people don't suffer.

And about my incident, I was engaged with a help vampire couple of days back who wouldn't listen to me or other experts, spawned couple of threads asking same question, beating around the bush - never ready to face the reality. I generally don't like to leave a question - in this case while my answer will need more than few hours of work - 'cause the vampire was not ready to listen - I lost the will to invest couple of hours to help that person out. I am definitely going to tend to it but I feel helpless and wanted to share my pain with others - in hopes to get some relief.

PS: I agree with Jim... even though in real life I am a cynic, when helping someone I am very very positive about people. But repeat offenders or regulars who sometime change to Help Vampire.... they tick me off.
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Brian B2018-10-19 05:20 AMID: 2274937
After a while I learned who the help vampires (and also the serial abandoners, but that's another topic) were and simply avoided their questions. Topic advisors and/or the mods can help coach some members back on the right path, but that doesn't always work either. Different people learn in different ways.
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PortletPaul2018-10-22 03:22 PMID: 2275937
It's a stock photo .... that only a male would use?