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New Category Suggestion - Rename Current Category

In the area of SharePoint, it seems that most questions are about SharePoint Online, Office 365 and various cloud varieties. Not so many questions for SharePoint on-premise, or at least trending solidly away from on-prem. Of course, some questions are of such a nature that they apply to both versions of SharePoint.

I suggested to EE that a new category named "SharePoint Online" be created and either a new category for "SharePoint On-prem" be created or the current SharePoint be renamed be to SharePoint On-prem. The feedback I received was that this suggestion should be run through a discussion so additional feedback can be gathered.

Therefore, this post... please provide some feedback either way.

Me personally, I hate "neglecting" a SharePoint question, but seems that lately (the last 6 months), questions are of a nature and of a technology (SharePoint Online) that I do not have years of experience in as I do with SharePoint On-prem.

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David Johnson, CD2018-12-22 05:26 PMID: 2448742
I agree there should be a separate category.
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Raja Jegan R2018-12-23 07:10 PMID: 2448836
Agree, similarly for Microsoft SQL Server, currently we have 3 topics Microsoft SQL Server(generic one), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008. SQL Server 2005 and 2008 are used very rarely nowadays as we have SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 available with 2019 coming soon..
So, Topic or category names revision should happen once in a year or so..
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MAS2018-12-23 08:57 PMID: 2448845
Agree with above.
Same way we need "Exchange Online and Skype for Business"