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Why do you "Follow" people at Experts Exchange?

Per the title - why do you follow other members at Experts Exchange?

If you don't follow other members, why not? Is it because it's lacking a feature that you would like it to have?

For myself, I initially started following other members because I wanted to be notified of their contributions but soon found out that the following feature didn't work that way. My understanding is that it just makes their "Posts" appear in your feed if you are following them, but has no effect on Questions, Group Discussions etc.

I have some ideas to suggest to EE about improving the following feature, but I'd first like to get a feel about what the general community here expects from this feature.

Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks, Andrew
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skullnobrains2019-01-03 10:04 PMID: 2450297
not following anyone either. lack of time and lack of interest for social media.

this may be slightly off topic but the possibility to see recent activity in a specific set of topics from a specific set of members could be useful. actually excluding a set of members could be great as well. i'd use such a feature at times when i want to gather information regarding known problems, concerns, new features, best practice, ... relative to a specific technology. i'd like this possibility both in some kind of feed and in manual searches.

without the possibility to filter by topic, i personally would never use such a feature. interesting people are often interested in many subjects and much more active than myself.

likewise the possibility to overview a topic while ignoring all the questions that only have contributions from a set of members would be very useful. most of the topics i'm interested in have a very limited set of contributors and i know who usually selects interesting questions and who provides answers i'd rather not read.

it would be convenient to have a small filter button that would allow to "only show posts/threads that pertain to followed members", "hide all posts/threads from the list of members i'm not interested into", " show all"
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Brian B2019-01-07 08:07 AMID: 2450477
I'm in the same boat. I followed a few people and then realized it didn't do anything. Makes a quick way to look someone up though, if I ever decided I needed to do that.

I know of at least one member who claims they actively remove anyone who follows them.
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Lucas Bishop2019-01-07 04:27 PMID: 2450581
I use the follow feature almost more like a contact list. I follow someone if I think I may need to get in touch with them later and don't want to have to go hunting.
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Martin Liss2019-01-07 04:31 PMID: 2450582
I use the follow feature almost more like a contact list.
I may have missed a few posts in this thread but that's the best (only?) use for it that I see.
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Andrew Leniart2019-01-07 04:48 PMID: 2450583
This discussion has provided some very interesting feedback folks - so thank you very much.

Personally, what I'd hope for from a follow feature is for any posts, questions and comments of members I'm following being prioritised over others, along with the ability of being notified when a followed member makes a post, comment or asks a question.

Would anyone else find something like that useful?
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Lucas Bishop2019-01-07 05:03 PMID: 2450584
Personally, what I'd hope for from a follow feature is for any posts, questions and comments of members I'm following being prioritised over others

When the follow feature was first built, this functionality existed. You can see in this old announcement that your main feed had tabs where you could see "all" content, or "your network" content wherein only content from people who you followed would be shown: