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Please remove Anonymous Asker....... & force creating some sort of Handle Name

I feel that all askers should have some name tag rather than just Anonymous.  This can help keep tabs on askers that are asking similar questions because they do not like the suggestion offered.  

I have come across a sequence of SCCM questions and the asker is  Anonymous, but it sure seem like the same person asking the questions.  
It would be helpful for the contributors to comment accordingly.    

For my situation I feel this asker is asking questions without having any understanding of the product.
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Scott Fell2019-02-10 07:16 AMID: 2455289
>And no it is not about need to blow off steam

What I am referring to is anywhere in a public thread such as this, one member shows hostility towards another including name calling.  That falls under the ToU, Code of Conduct " ...flaming or other similar hostile activities against other Members.".  It is ok to be frustrated and vent here, just keep it on a professional level and hold off on any name calling.

My (potentially flawed) reasoning is that by being asked anonymously it is in reality someone who has a bad rep and knows the other experts will ignore him

There are legit reasons a member will use the anonymous feature and almost all members that do use the feature are doing so in a manner no different than if they didn't use the feature.  This subject was rehashed just last month in this group. What we found out and expressed is there were a few handful of members that needed some help on how best to  use EE.  Those that continued down the same path are no longer allowed to participate.

When you see a pattern such as you are mentioning, click the Report Question link and we will do our best to assist and educate.  If that does not work, we will take additional action.

I know you have all heard that many members that do not participate as Experts, do not ask questions.  Those same members that have never asked a question before are now participating as askers because of the anonymous feature.  There are also members that may have a high ranking in one topic and may be embarrassed to ask a question in a topic they are not familiar with.  And yes, there are members that have asked  a question, not given a response they wanted (or any response) and ask a new question anonymously.  Yes, there is a good chance the reason they didn't get a good response is because of how the question was asked, lack of information, wanting to put a square peg in a round hole etc.  When you see this happening, report the question.  The Moderators can view who the Asker is and we will work with them extensively to help them ask better questions.
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aikimark2019-02-10 09:51 AMID: 2455292
I asked for the ability to filter for/out anonymous member questions as soon as this feature was introduced.  My request was rejected.  Perhaps you should reconsider this now.
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yo_bee2019-02-10 10:19 AMID: 2455295
I really do not care if someone used a screenshot I posted, but I would like to know if I am dealing with the same anonymous person.  This may help with bringing the overall focus to the multiple question that seem to be somewhat the same area.

I like the anonymous###### idea
I think if there could be a flag that you can link askers to question without expose any personal info of this asker.  That maybe an idea as well.
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David Johnson, CD2019-02-10 07:13 PMID: 2455321
Lately there has been a flurry of questions re SCCM all by Anonymous.  One of the first suggestions was buy some books and some tutorials on websites/youtube. SCCM is a rather complex piece of software with several interconnected items that have to be configured and deployed. A typical course that covers installation and initial deployment is a week long course (cost $1000USD+)

System Center tools are great in the large enterprise (10,000 seats) but there are a lot easier products that provide the equivalent functionality but they cost orders of magnitude above the cost of SC*M and training. And they are far from integrated and require their own training and learning curve.

For instance, the learning curve for SCVMM is an everest type cliff to even get 1 managed VM up and running.Great for a few hundred host machines, and 10-1000 tenants. I have 3 tenants so it's not for me.

For the same anonymous user I'd like to know if they are the same and then keep redirecting them back to the learning materials. Quite willing to help if they reach a sticking point and need it resolved so they can continue but not willing to present a full course of materials for free

There is one Anonymous user that has been put in charge of SCCM (obviously a new virgin installation) so it's like being dropped off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean before you have even learned to swim.
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Scott Fell2019-02-10 08:00 PMID: 2455323
David, As I have been saying, there does appear to be one or two members that create a lot of the issues.  Your gut is probably right but it is still best to treat each question as an individual one.  If you do sense something is up as you described, in just one of those questions, raise an RA and give us a brief overview with some the multiple questions you think are connected or have a concern with.  

From there, we will be able to review the history and if needed, work with author to get the most out of EE.  We will act as an intermediary between the TAs/Experts and Asker.  In most cases this becomes helping them break down their question to one specific item and starting at the beginning.  

What you are describing is common.  I know in the web dev areas I have seen people want to spend 100 hours of their own time just to figure out how to avoid paying $100 for a product that will do what they want.  In other words, they don't put value on their time. This sounds similar to what you are saying but at a much larger scale.
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Scott Fell2019-02-10 08:10 PMID: 2455326
For yo_bee and David, I see there is an RA for one of the questions you are taking about and this makes sense now.  We will look at it more in depth on Monday.