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Hello from d7xTech (formerly Foolish IT)

I was invited here by Andrew Leniart after he wrote an article for this site on one of my smaller utilities BootSafe, a simple tool to start Windows in Safe Mode.  Check out my bio for more info on us and what we do at d7xTech.  Although I normally like to give more than I receive, I believe that by sharing here I will take away much more than I can give.  It's good to be here and if anyone has a question for me just let me know.  Thanks for the read!
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Nick Shaw2019-02-11 11:28 AMID: 2455429
Joe, regarding the name to be honest it is somewhat personal, but I'll share.  

When I began this business as a hobby I didn't take much seriously, hence Foolish IT.  Though I began only with technician tools and initially all were free, I didn't concern myself with anyone's opinion, though most people (still primarily a tech audience) thought it was funny.  Some time later as our CryptoPrevent software became popular with 'end users', I began to receive my share of email from users who were offended.  I must admit for a long time I wasn't concerned, and even fired back at a few people and it got personal, but I had a big change of heart when I became Christian at after 38 years of life and agnosticism.  It wasn't long after that I realized that I actually cared about not being offensive, and so I did what was once the unthinkable -- change our name at the risk of destroying brand recognition.  I have no regrets there even if it did cost us some Google rank and brand recognition, and in the end my only regret was the name to begin with.  I still list it as (formerly Foolish IT) here and there (like here) to score some recognition but I'm open about why I changed it and now the majority of our customers have no idea about the old name.
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Joe Winograd2019-02-11 11:54 AMID: 2455432
Hi Nick,
Thanks for sharing — great story! But I was actually wondering about the d7xTech — that's a strange one. :) The Tech I get, of course, but the d7x is curious. However, if it's too personal to share its origin/meaning, please tell me it's none of my business. :) Cheers, Joe
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Rob2019-02-11 03:58 PMID: 2455473
Hi Nick and welcome! Great to have you aboard :)
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Owen Rubin2019-02-13 01:45 AMID: 2455767
Welcome. Fantastic to have you here. Given some of the great tools you and your team have created, you will be an excellent resource to have on board. And a thanks from me as well, I use some of your software and it has saved me lots of time and headache.

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Nick Shaw2019-02-14 05:45 AMID: 2455926
Joe, it's kinda boring.  d7x is the "flagship" tech tool I develop, and the first product of the company.  

d7 was the original product name, simply because when trying to think of a name (and something I could make a logo out of) I was listening to "D7" by the Wipers.  Not their best work but it had a nice ring to it, a mystery about it, plus I was able to whip up the original logo "D7" in Word Art easily for a decent looking icon to embed in the .exe file, so it killed two birds (name and logo) with one stone.  

The 2nd generation of d7 was renamed to d7II adding roman numerals, when I rewrote the product from the ground up due to some issues I had with two other companies, one that licensed my original code, and the other which licensed the binaries.  I won't get into the story of how I'm naive with business deals.  

For gen 3, I decided to rename it again, since I rewrote the product from the ground up again, so in the d7II logo I literally took the "II" and crossed them for the "x" so I didn't have to pay for a new logo design :)  Also the "x" stands for a variable, like algebra or "for x = 0 to ..." in code, and being a variable it means I won't rename it again.  

Fast forward past the first story I told about the original company name, with d7x being the first and main product of the company we tacked on "Tech" to form the new company name, which works since half of our customer base are still PC technicians (and half of the rest are IT departments/resellers for CryptoPrevent, our end user product.)  Told you it was kinda boring :)
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Joe Winograd2019-02-14 08:29 AMID: 2455958
> Told you it was kinda boring :)

Not at all! Good story...thanks for sharing! Regards, Joe